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Silent Pain

I have never lost a child. Never lost a baby in utero. Some data sources indicate that 10-15 percent of pregnancies in the US end in miscarriages. The term ‘silent pain’ was first introduced to me by a college professor. She informed and reminded us that this is a loss that many women do notContinue reading “Silent Pain”

Back Then

Over 38 years ago, I was busy studying [ some of us were 😀] and getting ready to graduate high school. Not long ago, I looked back at an old diary. For the month of May and early June of that year, every day my entry included ..’studied and slept’. Wasn’t life simpler back then?😊Continue reading “Back Then”

Past Loves

Many of us got married to our high school and college ‘heart beats’. I didn’t. Did you? Recently I read some entries in an old diary. Many captured some of the goings on leading up to high school graduation. Many of you, your children and loved ones are now gearing up for the graduation season.Continue reading “Past Loves”

For That Moment

The lyrics of a popular ’80s song ran across my mind recently- ‘ I’ve been staring at your photograph, wondering where you’re at today’🎶. Have you ever thought about the people whose lives intertwined with yours over the years? If only for a season. Where are they? Recently I was skimming through an old diaryContinue reading “For That Moment”

Looking Back

This morning I picked up an old diary – 1983- to be exact. I turned to today’s date [ May 9th]; just like today Monday , May 9th. I was curious to see what was happening in my life then as a teenager. It wasn’t a lovely day. For some reason my mom was notContinue reading “Looking Back”

For You

We take the time to celebrate mothers this weekend. For some reason my heart is drawn to those who find it difficult to celebrate. I see you – I feel you. I stand with you. Some may not understand why a day like today brings you little joy. You may also find yourself in thisContinue reading “For You”

Meant For This

This week has been designated as a week to honor teachers here in my neck of the woods. I shared in another post [Right person, Right Place -Destiny Moments] that this career was never on my vision board growing up. My pastor suggested it and I tried it! One of the best decisions I haveContinue reading “Meant For This”

I Met a Girl

The older I get the more I come to appreciate the people that I have crossed path with. They all came for a reason, some for just a season. I attended college 3 different times. Once I met a girl. Actually, I met many girls [and guys] – some shown below. That girl has stayedContinue reading “I Met a Girl”

My Thoughts

The mind is an amazing store house of treasures. Ever so often some surface that brings a smile to our face. I don’t take for granted that my mind is ‘sound’. Guarding my mind is an intentional act for me daily. Some things are not allowed to take residence there. I choose to leave ‘space’Continue reading “My Thoughts”

The Anchor Holds

This is a reminder and an encouragement for those readers who feel like they are drowning under the weight of their current circumstances. It seems like ‘every thing that could go wrong, has gone wrong’. You feel like you are in the ‘perfect storm’. Your vision is blurred and there seem to be no wayContinue reading “The Anchor Holds”


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