This is a collection that reflects my journey and seasons over the years. Most capture my innermost thoughts as I encounter ‘life as we know it’. Maybe something here speaks you. You may just be a ‘girl [or guy] like me’. Leave a comment.

On The Verge

[On a NYC subway car one morning in 2003, I sat across the aisle from a sister. As I watched her talking animatedly to someone who was not there – I sensed she was ‘on the verge’. I penciled these words as I pondered how she got here.]

Copyright © 2021 Marcia A. Yetman


[Affairs of the heart are pretty complex. I don’t remember why I wrote this or who was the subject of these emotions. Sounds like I had to walk away from or give up something. Ever been there? Written sometime in the early 2000’s – feels like a million lifetimes ago.]

Copyright © 2021 Marcia A. Yetman

The Fight

[ Have you ever noticed that sometimes the biggest fight you have is within you? In 2005, I had to confront the I in me – that was a fight. Maybe you can relate..]

Copyright © 2021 Marcia A. Yetman

For You

[When death visits, sometimes words fail. This is how I felt that day. Written as I felt a friend’s pain while processing mine. What do I say to you in the midst of your pain? *** I still think about you Derrick – SIP]


[Have you ever had to speak to your soul? Tell your self – you can? Silence the lies from within and without. This was one of those moments in January 1998]

Copyright © 2021 Marcia A. Yetman

You and Me

[Life has its ebb and flow. Some days good, others we prefer to forget. People come and they go. Some you have to walk away from. Part of my story…]


[The molding and reshaping, refining and processing – in the Potters hand. To the end that this vessel is fit for His purpose. This truth has kept me on the Potter’s wheel – even at the expense of my own comfort. Ever been there?]


[Not much to say. Just me and my thoughts. Join me…]

Sister Girl

[One evening in 2005, feeling very tired and worn, I sat in the back of a women’s meeting – didn’t feel like saying much or doing much. For some reason, my eyes started to move slowly around the room, I reflected on the stories . I started to pencil these words on a note pad. Here we are today. Do you identify?]


Spanning the course of time

From generation to generation

Reaching nations, peoples, tribes and tongues

Bridging the gap between man and his Creator

Bringing order in a world of chaos

Forever O Lord, Your Word remains true

Establishing the worlds from nothing

Calling forth life from the barren places

Standing strong when the foundations crumble

Unchanged despite world philosophies and ideologies

Immovable amidst reigning principalities and powers

Forever O Lord, Your Word remains true

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