Past Loves

Many of us got married to our high school and college ‘heart beats’. I didn’t. Did you? Recently I read some entries in an old diary. Many captured some of the goings on leading up to high school graduation. Many of you, your children and loved ones are now gearing up for the graduation season. An exciting time for many, but for others it’s quite daunting – very unsettling. What happens after I leave this institution? What awaits me, them, us in this new season ahead.

‘High School Moments’

Our school and college relationships bring back wonderful memories for a lot of us. They were our initial introduction to affairs of the heart. The days when we really felt butterflies, our hearts beat uncontrollably, sweaty palms, first kiss, that special song – that special look. It was then that we began to get a sense of what we wanted [or didn’t want] in a partner. We may have learned some hard lessons- had our first broken heart. We formulated in our hearts and minds, what we now call ‘deal breakers’.

Those moments helped to shape who we are today and how we choose to love [or not]. We may have made some poor choices and had to walk through some painful consequences. I prefer to call those ‘ expensive lessons’. We learn – we move on. After graduation or soon thereafter, many of us found out that there is really ‘ a time for everything’. Somethings were just meant for a season. Some experiences [an people] serve as scaffolding in our lives. A temporary presence. As we mature, life teaches us how to treasure the moments, appreciate the lessons, let go, and move on. I have learned not to try to resurrect the things that God calls dead.

” No- I am not angry. I didn’t get permission to post his face’. College moments.😂

So, kudos to you if you married your school, college or childhood love! Hats off to you both if it worked out. I call those destiny moments. What a blessing! Make sure your children and grandchildren hear your story. Many younger people [and older] need to know the beauty, hard work and sacrifice that there is in sustaining and maintaining true love. For those of us who were given the opportunity to connect for that moment in time – I hope the memories still leave a smile on your face. I hope you value what you learned. I pray you are not making the same mistakes you made back then. I hope you are better not bitter.

So graduation is on the horizon! What will happen after? Will that relationship last? I don’t know. Neither do you. One thing I know, you can trust that the One who loves you best knows what’s best for you. Things do have a way of working out the way they were meant to. There may be some bumps in the road. Some tears may be shed and some unwelcome moments of pain. There may also be moments unforgettable bliss. Moments that will forever be imprinted in your heart and mind. Life is a wonderful mix of bitter and sweet! Embrace it with grace and a sense of humor. Leave your heart open to love. Seek peace and run after it. Give God the latitude to change the trajectory of your life as He sees fit. You’ll have no regrets!

*** Thanks for reading. Share you story- I’d love to hear.

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An educator, author, a mom, friend, and a girl who loves that Her heavenly Father loves doing life with her. Passionate about introducing others to the Christ who heals hearts among other things....

7 thoughts on “Past Loves

  1. Weren’t those days of high school great. Those were our first taste of a little independence and the first of many feelings and experiences to come later. Nothing compares to those days of innocence and firsts❤️❤️.

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  2. Didn’t marry my high school sweetheart and of course I have had my heartbroken and some bitter sweet memories. In the life of a child of God they are all lessons, God saved us from something’s that would shock us were he to reveal them. Just last week my eldest daughter reminded me how she was going ‘crazy ‘ over a Freddy in 2bd form, she said I told her by the time she reach college there would be several ‘Freddie’s’. Now a grown woman with her own kids, she is reminding me of that conversation, ( of course I don’t remember) . She said back that she thought I was crazy until she realized what I meant. Cherish the memories, smile over them, God used them to mold us into who we are today.

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    1. Yep! If we only knew the road ahead, we probably would have done somethings differently. Thank God for His grace in our times of crazy. Seriously though, there is something about the young heart…those emotions are something else…😊💖


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