You’re Good For Me

Research shows that laughter is indeed ‘the best medicine’. Today I encourage you to join me in loving on those who have made us laugh over the years. They have been ‘good for us’. Good for our overall well-being – mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. So glad they have been part of our world. WeContinue reading “You’re Good For Me”

This is My Tomorrow

I remember the year 2000; some of the darkest days of my life. There were thoughts of running away, dying, abortion – just pure unadulterated pain. I could not see beyond my nose. Could not find the strength to face each day. My mind was in a very unhealthy place. Ironically, church was the hardestContinue reading “This is My Tomorrow”

Finally Grown

Today while flipping through an old diary, I saw this quote and it made me smile. Do you remember when it finally dawned on you? You are really a grown up. Not just aging, but you have truly matured. You are not that girl/guy you were a while ago. Did it just creep up onContinue reading “Finally Grown”

Cycle Breaker

I borrowed this from someone in ‘Twitterverse’. It speaks to the sheer grit and resilience that we see around us ever so often. Many times they are clothed with grace and humility. We admire their resoluteness, guts and tenacity in midst of chaos and pain. They may have stumbled a time or two but wouldContinue reading “Cycle Breaker”

A September to Remember

Many of us remember exactly where we were on 9/11/2001. I do too. Standing on the streets of NYC a few blocks from the World Trade Center- just emerging from the subway. As I watched the first tower burning, I was clueless a New Yorker. Then the unthinkable happened; I saw the 2nd plane crashContinue reading “A September to Remember”

We Hold Them

Recently a friend of mine sent a message letting me know she prayed for my son as he came to her mind and heart. I truly appreciated that message. Everyday I hear the same cry from parents – ‘pray for my children’. When they are young we lift them, hold them in our arms. WhenContinue reading “We Hold Them”

How Did I Get Here?

Recently , for the first time I truly listened to the lyrics of the song ‘Slow Fade’ by Casting Crowns. It really hit me in that spot. ‘People never crumble in a day…It’s a slow fade’. This just started a churning in my heart and mind. Have you noticed the increased instances of people, families,Continue reading “How Did I Get Here?”

New Beginnings

The month September comes from the Latin word septem, meaning ‘seven’. So why is it the ninth month? Historians say September was originally the seventh month on the Roman calendar. Go figure! It only had ten months then with March as the first month of the year. Some say January and February were added later,Continue reading “New Beginnings”

How Did You Know?

Have you ever had some moments in life when you just know? You knew something was right. It is very hard to explain why you knew, but you just knew. You knew it was the right house, the right car, or the right moment. You knew he or she was the right one. That momentContinue reading “How Did You Know?”

Still Here

Twenty years ago some of us from our high school graduating class gathered for our friend, J’s [next to me in blue] baby shower. That baby graduated high school a year ago and has moved on into adulthood. It has been twenty years since I last saw some of these ladies. We met in highContinue reading “Still Here”