I’d Rather

Woke up today to the sound of raindrops pitter-pattering outside. Glanced at the temperature, it was just about 64 degrees. The forecast says cloudy and I barely see the sun shining through. I am on Thanksgiving break and have no intention of doing much. Grateful to be alive and kicking at such a time likeContinue reading “I’d Rather”

Singleness On My Mind

One of the tough things about the holiday season for many is being single. Here comes the question again this year: Why are you still single? Many singles do struggle with depression and loneliness this time of year, whether they are alone or in a crowd. The truth is, this Thanksgiving many singles struggle withContinue reading “Singleness On My Mind”

Losing Sight

Today was the last day of class in my city before the Thanksgiving break. Because many of my students are fairly new immigrants, most are not familiar with some of the history behind many of our federal holidays. This week we took a brief look at early American history; this included a look at theContinue reading “Losing Sight”

Under a Rock

For a number of years, I have intentionally guarded my heart and mind from excess exposure to the various social media platforms. There is a lot of chatter out there. A lot of it is not worth my time or energy. For the most part, I have no idea who the popular You Tubers andContinue reading “Under a Rock”

That Entanglement

This week I chose to be in a reflective mode. After asking myself some hard questions, I began to ponder the times my soul had been so entangled it might have impaired my perception of people and their place in my life. In an earlier post ‘That Boy’, I shared a season in my lifeContinue reading “That Entanglement”

Son of My Heart

This past week I watched my coworker say goodbye to her only son of 25 years. To say it tore me to pieces is an understatement. I have two young men myself. No mother is ever prepared for that, especially when it is unexpected. A young vibrant life – now gone. There’s a space inContinue reading “Son of My Heart”

It’s a Love Thing

Today was a tough one. Cried a time or two as I watched the body of a young man being lowered in a grave. His family went home without him. All that’s left are memories. I just feel like writing something about love. Love has a way of causing the heart to beat again. EspeciallyContinue reading “It’s a Love Thing”

On My Mind

A few nights ago, while I was about to go to bed a friend of mine came across my mind. We hadn’t spoken in a few weeks or so; we would usually catch up every once in a while. I was tired but felt very impressed to call him. I have practiced trying to reachContinue reading “On My Mind”

You’re Good For Me

Research shows that laughter is indeed ‘the best medicine’. Today I encourage you to join me in loving on those who have made us laugh over the years. They have been ‘good for us’. Good for our overall well-being – mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. So glad they have been part of our world. WeContinue reading “You’re Good For Me”