In the Storm

This past Wednesday we endured a storm in our neck of the woods. If you have ever faced a storm, you probably agree that the most unnerving part is in the middle of night. The winds are howling, the rain is battering your shelter and you hear all sorts of perplexing noises. The night is dark and your vision is limited. This can cause distress and fright of magnified proportions. Such is the nature of storms – the ones on planet earth and the ones in our personal lives.

As I laid in my bed that night, what amazed me was the calm inside my house. It sounded like all hell was breaking loose outside. I was in a storm, but the storm was not in me. I was at peace. As long as I kept the storm out; windows and doors secured, I was fine. It is said that it’s not the water outside the boat that sinks it; it is the water that seeps in. Actually the boat needs the water and the wind to propel it forward. The art of staying afloat is not allowing water in – not allowing the storm in. This is so much easier said than done in our private lives.

My sleep was interrupted by the many piercing alarms on my phone. These were sent out by the authorities who wanted to keep us safe – they meant no harm. There were warnings of tornadoes, flash floods and the likes; all the things that come with a storm. The same is true in life. There are those who come into our space and at times alarm us. They agitate and disturb our peace with information that can be petrifying. Most times they mean no harm, they just want to help. This is where we need wisdom to discern what to listen to or when to turn the volume down. We were never meant to stay in a constant state of alarm.

‘ Be encouraged- The sun will shine again’

So, how do you keep the storm out? How do you decide which piece of ‘ alarming news’ to receive and which to put to the side? Like you, I’m learning. The storms of life are real. You may be in a stormy season right now. Filled with uncertainty, discomfort, and even dread. You feel like this is a night season. It’s dark and you can’t see and hear right. The voices around you are many. Some people or things in your ‘boat’ are sinking it. Peace has evaded you and you are not too sure who or what to ‘throw out’ of your boat. You are fighting to stay afloat.

The truth is – I don’t know much. If I don’t ask God for wisdom and discernment in these times; I go under easily. This is when I ‘stay sheltered’ under the wings of a loving Father. I find if I am quiet and calm enough, I can hear or see Him steering me through the murky waters. The fearsome winds and the pummeling rains become less harrowing. Somehow He helps me to maneuver these tempestuous upheavals that are bound to come my way from time to time. He wants to do the same for you today. He is no further than a whisper away.

'They cried out to the Lord in their trouble. And He took them out of all their problems. He stopped the storm, and the waves of the sea became quiet. Then they were glad because the sea became quiet. And He led them to the safe place they wanted. Let them give thanks to the Lord for His loving-kindness and His great works to the children of men!' [Psalm 107:28-31]

***Thanks for reading. How do you ride out the storms of life? Your thoughts are welcomed..

Published by Restored Heart

An educator, author, a mom, friend, and a girl who loves that Her heavenly Father loves doing life with her. Passionate about introducing others to the Christ who heals hearts among other things....

8 thoughts on “In the Storm

  1. The only thing that keeps me centered in the midst of life’s storms is knowing that Jesus is the Master of the winds and the waves; that at any moment He can say ‘Peace, be still’ and they must obey Him. That, for me, is the greatest assurance that He is monitoring each storm I go through… and if He has not yet given that order, then the storm will not kill me. I’ll get through it. That, plus knowing that He is right there with me, in the middle of it. What a great, big, wonderful God!🙌

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  2. Great post Marcia!
    Inner peace is sometimes hard to find in the midst of a storm, and that’s where the spiritual battle lies, as the devil will do all he can to keep us focused on the winds and the waves. During those spiritual battles focusing on prayer, praise and God’s promises is what restores my peace and helps me through the storm. I wrote a blog about just that very thing last year as I was going through cancer treatment. Praise God He got me through the biggest storm of my life!

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