Why Not Me

I consider myself to be really blessed to find some sense of purpose in my career. From time to time, there is a challenge that opens my heart and mind – an opportunity for growth in grace. One day a student walked into my class and told me he is supposed to be with meContinue reading “Why Not Me”

For Once in My Life

As a teenager in college, a friend of mine took me on a motorcycle ride for about 40 minutes along a very scenic route. It was on the then common Kawasaki. Donned in my helmet and the likes, I looked really good. It was exhilarating! That was a once in a lifetime ride and itContinue reading “For Once in My Life”

You Are Seen

Sometimes I notice friends, acquaintances and fellow-bloggers go radio silent. Ever so often I wonder how they are doing. If I can, I try my best to do a ‘check in’. Life comes with a plethora of challenges. It takes us for a ride at times. Seasons change, priorities may shift and we may evenContinue reading “You Are Seen”

In the Storm

This past Wednesday we endured a storm in our neck of the woods. If you have ever faced a storm, you probably agree that the most unnerving part is in the middle of night. The winds are howling, the rain is battering your shelter and you hear all sorts of perplexing noises. The night isContinue reading “In the Storm”

This is My Tomorrow

I remember the year 2000; some of the darkest days of my life. There were thoughts of running away, dying, abortion – just pure unadulterated pain. I could not see beyond my nose. Could not find the strength to face each day. My mind was in a very unhealthy place. Ironically, church was the hardestContinue reading “This is My Tomorrow”

Those Desires

This past week I reflected a bit on those deep desires that we sometimes can’t seem to shake. Year in and year out they remain unmoved. They are with us when we go to sleep and when we wake up. Though we try to bury them, they resurrect at the most expected time. We reasonContinue reading “Those Desires”