Kept Safe

On a previous post [BSM] I wrote about a safety feature in my car that alerts me to vehicles in my blind spot and how we relate the concept of blind spots in our lives. There are two other safety features in my car that provide extra guidance and protection on the roads. RSA [ Road Sign Assist] and LTA [ Lane Tracing Assist] are two assistive features that I can engage if I so chose. They are intended to be extra ‘eyes’ for us on the road. RSA recognizes and interpret different road signs, and then displays them on the dashboard. The system can also alert you if you’re driving over the displayed speed limit or performing actions that are prohibited by the road signs. The LTA  system warns the driver if the vehicle drifts from the current lane. It was also called LDA [ Lane Departure Alert] in another model. It can also slightly operate the steering wheel to help avoid straying from the lane. These features can be enabled or disabled as needed. You decide if you need the ‘help’. As you can imagine the more ‘beeps’ and alerts you get, the more you question your driving skills.

‘You keep me safe as I journey along this road of life’.

The imperfect me is prone to stray at times. I truly appreciate those people and things that are in my life to help keep me safe. These are ‘watchmen’ that sends the alarm when I’m not paying attention. Like many of us, I may ignore warning signs, red flags, go too fast, leave my lane and at times ‘fall asleep at the wheel’. I love those who love me enough to give me a nudge in the right direction. I am equally thankful that my conscience is not seared – I tend to pay attention to my internal compass as I trod along. The uncomfortable sensations in the stomach, the nagging feelings that I can’t seem to shake, even the repeated dreams that come along at times. These are all ‘safety features’ designed to protect and guide.

Above all else, I have a heavenly Father who checks me when I deviate from the path that is in my best interest. He does so through scriptures, His servant leaders, other people and that ‘still small voice’ of the Holy Spirit. I don’t do this journey alone and no one has to. Like the safety features in my car, you can disable or enable them if you so desire. We can shut God out, it doesn’t mean He’s not there. We can also shut out well meaning friends and family from our lives – they are still there. I think much is provided to keep us safe. When I venture off into dangerous waters most times it is by choice or I’m distracted. As we negotiate the challenging roads this year, let’s make a choice to enable the assistive features we have been blessed with – those designed to keep us safe. Be thankful for those unpaid watchmen of your soul! We don’t always want to listen, but they are there to keep us safe.

Protect me from the hands of wicked people, O LORD. Keep me safe from evil people. They try to trip me.

Psalm 140:4

***Thanks for reading – I pray you’ll be kept safe!

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An educator, author, a mom, friend, and a girl who loves that Her heavenly Father loves doing life with her. Passionate about introducing others to the Christ who heals hearts among other things....

3 thoughts on “Kept Safe

  1. Thank you Jesus for all the watchmen and assistants in my life🙌.
    Who knows, if left up to my own counsel and devices, where I would have ended up?

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