” I feel so lost. Felt like I lost myself trying to please everyone.” This was a line I heard in a movie recently. A comment from a woman whose husband walked away after she spent years living for him – losing her identity and sense of self. Her friend responded, ” You’re not lost.Continue reading “Awaken”


I got up this morning with the intent to share something- I went blank. Not that I have nothing to say. Many thoughts and ideas swirled around my mind, but nothing grabbed me from that ‘place’. That place of passion and meaningfulness. As my fingers hit the keyboard, I realized that it was okay. IContinue reading “Reminders”

Island Girl

I believe that I was born where I was meant to be born. God makes no mistake. I am an island- girl through and through. We do come with a special flavor – a certain je ne sais quoi. Sometimes we come with big personalities or quite calm and cool. Sometimes a mixture of both.Continue reading “Island Girl”

Those Desires

This past week I reflected a bit on those deep desires that we sometimes can’t seem to shake. Year in and year out they remain unmoved. They are with us when we go to sleep and when we wake up. Though we try to bury them, they resurrect at the most expected time. We reasonContinue reading “Those Desires”

I Wonder

”There are times I wonder, why can’t I wear white after Labor Day?” That Twizzler ad asks a very pertinent question😉. Who made these ’rules’ and why do we feel obligated to subject ourselves to them. That’s just one of the many rules the fashion police academy has laid out for us. Of course, that’sContinue reading “I Wonder”

Fully Known

Just a reminder – We are fully known and unconditionally loved by the One who took the time to knit us together in our mother’s womb. You are enough – I am enough! We can do nothing to make Him love us anymore or any less. However, He doesn’t control our will and our choices.Continue reading “Fully Known”

She’s Royal

Another post about the recent weekend with my high school graduating class! In my previous post we celebrated the boys who became men in their own rights. We all know that behind every great man is a royal queen or princess. You don’t have to agree with me, but our creator designed it that way.Continue reading “She’s Royal”

From Boyz 2 Men

This is the 2nd post capturing some moments of a recent meet-up with some members of my high school graduating class. The men of the ‘Blue and Gold ‘ showed up and surely added their flavor to this amazing weekend. There may have been a bit of distinguished grayness or smooth baldness, but they wereContinue reading “From Boyz 2 Men”

And So We Laughed

This weekend more than 30 of us from our high school graduating class got together for a 3-day ‘Lyming’ [ A Caribbean island slang for hanging out or chilling with friends. Can also refer to middle-aged people having a good time trying to recapture their youth😂.] And yes, we are officially middle-aged! No one wasContinue reading “And So We Laughed”

If I had Known

Maybe you are like me – wasted time crying over things, people and situations seen through broken lens. I never wanted to migrate to the US. I resisted it for years, giving my dad every reason possible to delay the process. Loving my life the way it was – I couldn’t or wouldn’t see beyondContinue reading “If I had Known”