He Loves

‘Some time in the 1980’s’

Another ‘Lovuary’ post – honoring the men who have loved us just because. Loved us in spite of. Loved us without expectations. There is the age-old debate that a man [apart from family] and a woman cannot be friends. I beg to differ.

First let me pay homage to daddies, papas, grandpas, uncles, brothers, cousins, men-in-law, and nephews. Those who have loved us and our mouthy, moody, emotional and beautiful selves. Loved and defended us, despite our craziness. I know we are complicated beings. Thank you!

Then there are those who crossed our path by divine appointment. One of those brothers in picture above is one of those for me. We have been doing this for over 35 years! Never once has he treated me less than. We have never been romantically attracted – I don’t even think we are each other’s ‘type’. He has seen me at my lowest- my best and my worst. So have I. We’ve been disappointed with each other, disagreed – don’t remember if we ever cussed.

He used to copy the love letters my boyfriend would write and send it to his girl. Sorry ‘K’ – I know you are going read this. Full disclosure- those weren’t his words🤣! He lost my college graduation ring somewhere in Latin America and to date hasn’t replaced it. I listened to all his dirty laundry – sometimes flinching. I watched him lose the only woman who would ever love him for who he is [we might disagree there]. You idiot! Never once have I loved him less. He is as imperfect as they come. So am I.

If you ever ask him about a woman he loves purely – my name would be right there on his lips. Don’t believe me? Ask him? I know he loves me. Over the years, our significant others have never felt threatened by our friendship. We respected boundaries. At one point though, my dad hated him 🤣. That’s another story!

We haven’t always been there. We couldn’t. Time, space and circumstances separated us. We haven’t seen each other in person in over 15 years. However, we talk. We go deep; no topic is off limits. A place where we ask the hard questions. Ever so often he reminds me how much he loves me, and then again. A true ‘ride or die’. So, can a man love a woman – without ulterior motives? Yes, he can. And they do.

Sisters -show some love to those men who have loved you unconditionally. Stop giving your energy to those who have done you wrong – this is not their day! Whatever or whoever you focus on, you give space in your life. You give them a seat at the table. Disconnect the life source to those broken people who tried to break you. Encourage a brother today – tell him he matters. He is appreciated. He is loved. Just as much as he loves you.

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Published by Restored Heart

An educator, author, a mom, friend, and a girl who loves that Her heavenly Father loves doing life with her. Passionate about introducing others to the Christ who heals hearts among other things....

8 thoughts on “He Loves

  1. Not his words!???? Whaaatttt! Lololol.
    I agree. He is an idiot for losing such a precious and rare gem😏 … but he is loved.
    Thank you Lord for all the men we have loved but who you love even more🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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