From Boyz 2 Men

This is the 2nd post capturing some moments of a recent meet-up with some members of my high school graduating class. The men of the ‘Blue and Gold ‘ showed up and surely added their flavor to this amazing weekend. There may have been a bit of distinguished grayness or smooth baldness, but they were still the same guys who made some of us laugh [ or cry]. We loved you and hated you then. Now we just love you! 😘

“The Boys are Now Men’

Some of you drove us crazy then. Annoyed us with your school boy antics – pinning our uniforms together, scribbling love notes in our books, calling us all kinds of nicknames and who can forget the mirror on the ground [ ask someone to explain this one😎 ]. Some of you gave a few teachers gray hairs prematurely. A few of you were the true definition of ‘hunters’. You pursued us relentlessly – we ignored you, told you ‘no’ a million times. There you were again in all your glory the next day with a big grin on your face. Many of us became your high school girlfriends because of your persistence. Kudos to you!

Today, we love to hear your stories of triumph and defeat. The growth that came with your pain and the victories that have positioned you in a place of purpose. You are now dads and granddads; sharing wisdom from lessons learned. Your grit and persistence have led you to find your ‘true loves’ and led you into the spaces you now occupy. In this season you are leaving your mark and hopefully working on become better versions of yourselves.

‘ So Glad Our Lives Connected’

You still make us laugh today and we are so happy that our paths crossed. There were some bumpy rides along the way. We may have exchanged some harsh words a time or two. We weren’t always our best selves- neither were you. We didn’t like you sometimes and we are sure you felt the same way at times too. Nevertheless here we are today, celebrating the men you have become. As you continue to grow and evolve, we pray you never lose yourselves trying to be who you are not. You are enough! We all need to work on different aspects of ourselves and that’s okay. Allow God to help you with the refining process. You are His masterpiece. He knows what He ‘had in mind’ when He created you. Life is not just about the destination. There is beauty in the journey too!

We are alive to see the boys that have become men. For this we are grateful! There were no coincidences or mistakes when our lives collided those decades ago. I dare say this was part of a bigger plan. Never dim your shine and whatever you do, stay in the fight! Here’s a promise from the One who loves you unreservedly:

Even when you’re old, I’ll take care of you. Even when your hair turns gray, I’ll support you. I made you and will continue to care for you. [Isaiah 46:4-5]

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9 thoughts on “From Boyz 2 Men

  1. Oh wow! Thanks for sharing. Memories don’t leave like people do. I remember those days back in school. Lessoned learned and wouldn’t trade them for anything. God kept us them and is still keeping us. He is faithful. May God continue to bless and keep you.

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  2. What a true and sincere tribute to a much deserving class of ‘83’ from Clarendon College It is the greatest and most unique gift to be able to link up again. We will grow old together. Never a dull moment. May God’s continue to bless us all.

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  3. Oh, how I love memories. It is the one thing that will never die. Now the bad memories we need them to be gone. But those good memories are treasures. Treasures in which we hold dear to.

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  4. This post is both funny and encouraging! Encouraging to discover that so many of us monster-boys have grown up to be godly men, husbands, fathers, mentors, etc., and contributors to community and country. Only by the grace of God!

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