How Did You Know?

Have you ever had some moments in life when you just know? You knew something was right. It is very hard to explain why you knew, but you just knew. You knew it was the right house, the right car, or the right moment. You knew he or she was the right one. That moment when destiny, purpose and time collided – perfect synchrony. This is how I felt about the first college I attended in the US. Well, the only one – I did undergrad and grad at the same college.

‘ My Beloved – BC’

When I emigrated to the US, I felt a strong desire to go back to college to pursue a different major. I had already gone to college to focus on education. I just wanted to try something different, so I went for Biology – a love of mine. The college I attended was the perfect fit for me in every sense. How did I know? This was something I couldn’t explain. One day I was driving past this college with my uncle. I had just arrived here. I looked over at this very scene shown above and something just hit me in a special way on the inside. I knew nothing about the school; didn’t even know it’s name. I just knew that this was where I was meant to be. I found a special place and I exhaled. Have you ever found your ‘perfect’? Do you remember the peace that flooded your heart and mind?

‘ Quad Steps- 1990s’

I put blinders on; chose not to listen to what others had to say and pursued my dream. It caused me to be at odds with family members who thought they knew best. I found out that there are times in life you have shut out those voices. I am all for the ‘ multitude of counselors’ when necessary. Pray for discernment. However, there are some destiny moments and some divine appointments that do not require a second opinion. This was one of them. One of the best decisions I ever made or may be it was divinely made for me. I just chose to follow. Sometimes your destiny moments can be interrupted with the noise of the masses. Your decisions don’t always make sense to those who were not meant to be part of where you are going. Always make sure to stay true to that still small voice. The truth is, where God leads many times doesn’t always seem logical to the natural mind. I’m sure some of your ‘perfect’ didn’t seem rational to some in your ‘village’. That being said, it is my view that prayerful soul searching should always precede major decision making. That I did and it led right back to my ‘perfect’.

‘Who knew studying could be so much fun? Or was it?

Some of the best laughs and cries were had here. Some great bonds were forged and these connections continued way past graduation. I still love this college. Whenever I get to visit, I still feel that same sense of excitement and calm. There’s just something about finding ‘that sweet spot’ in life. Whether in a relationship, a career, a business venture, a college, a community, a calling, a connection or just a moment in time. Call it good fortune, lot, happenchance, twist of fate – I choose to believe that the hand of God always wants to lead. I’ve grown to trust it. Especially when the pieces of the puzzle don’t appear to be fitting together well. His guidance has been my lifeline when I feel like I’m drowning in question marks.

So, how did you know? Or did you just throw caution to the wind and jump? Sometimes we do that and thankfully He is there like a good father to catch us. However, for those times when you just ‘know’ – May I dare suggest that God in His mercy and kindness orchestrates these destiny moments. Even when we run away or choose to ignore His providential care and divine guidance; He finds a way to still ‘meet’ us in our folly. He was looking out for us long before we ever acknowledged Him. Even for those of us who still believe we can do this all by ourselves. My prayer is that you’ll discover that He has always had His eyes on you. Not a hair on your head falls without Him noticing. And if you have no hair, not a tear falls that misses His attention – even that sigh that no one understands, He does. So, are you still waiting for your ‘perfect’? Trust His ability to ‘mastermind’ the best plan for your life. That’s the kind of God He is!

The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps. [Proverbs 16:9]

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  1. That would be our first home. It was way too small and really had nothing going for it but the floors, but I just knew it was the right one. Almost 29 years later we’re still here although with lots of significant changes😊.

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