New Beginnings

The month September comes from the Latin word septem, meaning ‘seven’. So why is it the ninth month? Historians say September was originally the seventh month on the Roman calendar. Go figure! It only had ten months then with March as the first month of the year. Some say January and February were added later, at the beginning. Hence September became the ninth month on the calendar. Interesting history indeed!

‘I’m somewhere there- High School.
New classmates, new teachers – new experiences

As children, September was very special for us in the Islands – it marked the beginning of the academic year. This is true for many countries and many states in the US. This meant new classmates and friends, new teachers or professors, new courses or subjects and at times new schools. We had the opportunity to shed the baggage of the last year. Including teachers, classmates and courses we were dying to move away from. The truth is, we could actually reinvent ourselves; forgetting the blunders and missteps of the last school year.

‘2003-Off to Pre-K on a September morning. New beginnings ‘

Don’t we just love new beginnings? I don’t know about you, but some days, months or some weeks can’t go by fast enough for me. Some of them I’d rather not remember. I don’t know what God had in mind, but I am so grateful for the ‘new’. A new day, a new month, new season, and at times a new year. New beginnings remind me that it’s okay to start afresh. Turn a new page, a new chapter- start on a new canvas. Change a trajectory or a mindset. We may not be able to change the beginning, but we can certainly change the ending. Beyond a doubt, our stories can end differently.

So, how has it been so far this year? Were there some moments you’d rather forget? Do you yearn for something new? Perhaps you have been avoiding the steps needed to create that change. Maybe you’re battling fear of the unknown or fear of change. The new can be daunting and downright terrifying especially when you are called to take a leap of faith. I get it. New beginnings can often be challenging. During these seasons extra grace is required. So, let’s pray:

Dear Father:

Thank You for new beginnings. Your word reminds us that sometimes we need to forget the former things and look to the new thing You are doing. Thank You for the strength needed to participate in the process. To do our part. Thank You for eyes to see where You are leading and a heart to follow. Oftentimes, our knees feel weak and our hands heavy. Thank You for grace to do what we can’t do on our own. We don’t always have clarity, so we thank You for discernment – insight when we feel dazed and confused. We receive the tenacity and the boldness to stay true to Your will, especially when it may be unpopular. In the difficult times, when we are tempted to check out – grant us the courage to stay ‘present’. We need You to do this. Thank You for always having our best interest ‘at heart’. Amen.

‘ In Need’

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  1. For most of my adult life I have dreaded the beginning of September. Too much preparation and responsibility; school, work, winter, cold, end of summer but I did enjoy going back to school in Jamaica. Can’t say I can spot you in that pic. I’m guessing 2nd from the right in the front. My right facing the pic.

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