My Sins Are Many

Recently I was with a friend when someone called her and said, “ I need to confess my sins.” She proceeded to share her perceived shortcomings. After their conversation, my friend walked over to me and confessed hers. Earlier on that morning I had unburdened my heart of mine. After receiving a few phone callsContinue reading “My Sins Are Many”

What Once Was

I was in a NYC airport yesterday when two things caught my eye. There was a beloved pay phone—one I haven’t seen in a while. Without saying, I had to snap a shot of it. My grandchildren will undoubtedly have know idea what one looks like; thought I’d capture it for them. Truth be toldContinue reading “What Once Was”


I live in a community with a beautiful melting pot of cultures. This past week I had the opportunity to hang out with a group of people from a different culture. We spoke a different language, played games differently, cooked and ate differently. Despite a difference in lifestyle, we connected for a moment in timeContinue reading “Someday”

No Strings Attached

The story was told of a great football coach of a university in California who had a son who also played on the university’s team. The son was an amazing athlete and quite successful at the sport. A news reporter commented on how proud he must be of his son’s accomplishments. The coach gave oneContinue reading “No Strings Attached”

Seasons Change

This week I heard a song for the first time and it piqued my interest somewhat – ‘A Different Kind of Christmas’ by Mark Shultz. I thought the lyrics were quite touching and probably resonated with a lot of people this year. This season might look different for a variety of reasons – a seatContinue reading “Seasons Change”

How Did You Know?

Have you ever had some moments in life when you just know? You knew something was right. It is very hard to explain why you knew, but you just knew. You knew it was the right house, the right car, or the right moment. You knew he or she was the right one. That momentContinue reading “How Did You Know?”

You Stayed

Today we have the tendency to applaud those who take the plunge, the jump, start something new, or discover the next new thing. Those who shake things up. Bold and brave enough to take a leap of faith and leave. Then there are those who took a leap of faith and stayed . Many times,Continue reading “You Stayed”