The Break Up

There’s a very popular song that has been out for a while by Francesca Battistelli called ‘The Break Up Song’. The writer personifies fear and breaks up with it. This made me think about all the ‘frenemies’ I’ve had to break up with and the ones who are still trying to hang on to my skirt tail. Webster defines a FRENEMY as a person who is or pretends to be a friend but who is also in some ways an enemy. Fear is indeed one of those. It has a way of caressing you, is always there for you and whispers in your ear ever so often. It is a faithful companion but has a way of crippling and holding you hostage when you desire to accomplish your life goals.

Here’s a portion of the lyrics:

Something’s gotta give so I give up you, oh
There’s no room for you here
Yeah, I’ve had enough
The “No Vacancy” sign on my heart is lit up
In case you didn’t hear it
Here it is again,

Oh, fear, you don’t own me
There ain’t no room in this story
And I ain’t got time for you
Telling me what I’m not
Like you know me, well guess what?
I know who I am
I know I’m strong
And I am free
Got my own identity
So fear, you will never be welcome here

‘The Break Up Song’ – Francesca Battistelli

You might be able to identify with breaking up and all that comes with it. I remember doing that a time or two. It’s not always easy. Even though you are the one leaving, it still leaves residues of pain or sadness. Ever so often, you may feel a pulling to go back. Or, the temptation to give in to their trappings. The familiarity, the memories, the feelings; all have a way of beckoning you back to that place you had become so used to. Sad to say even if that place was toxic. This is when the warrior in you – though tired at times- rises up with resoluteness. Determined never to go back. You take on the ‘fighting stance’.

‘I Refuse to Go Back’

So whatever you broke up with – stand your ground. Refuse to go back to shame, fear, self-pity, abuse, self-righteousness, pride, anger, bitterness, or unforgiveness. You can add to the list. We have become strange bed-fellows – now we part ways. Light up your no vacancy sign even when you feel like you have run out of ‘fight’. There is a heavenly Father who desires to fight with you and for you. When we are surrounded by the enemies of our soul – of our destiny; He’s there to surround us. He is available to be a shield around us. He loves us like that. Whatever you do, don’t go back!

“They will fight against you, but will not overcome you for I am with you and will rescue you,” declares the Lord.” [Jeremiah 1:19]

Do not be afraid of them; the Lord your God himself will fight for you. [Deuteronomy 3:22]

***Thanks for reading- Stand your ground against the enemies of your destiny.

Published by Restored Heart

An educator, author, a mom, friend, and a girl who loves that Her heavenly Father loves doing life with her. Passionate about introducing others to the Christ who heals hearts among other things....

9 thoughts on “The Break Up

  1. I’ve had to take that ‘fighting stance’ a time or two, it was not always easy but with Christ on my side, ‘all things are possible’ when I cooperate with Him.

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  2. Fear has been my frenemy for a long time. It seeks to suffocate, drown, and choke me. All while I’m trying to embrace, hug, and be in intimate with it. I have decided to break up with fear today and no longer be in it’s cold embrace. When life gets tough I know I’ll be tempted to run back into it’s arms but I can’t. Thank you I needed this.

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    1. Shane we all have those ‘arms’ that we want to run back to. Sometimes mine is shame. I stand with you brother. When it tries to inch it’s way back we shout, ‘Not Today Fear”! Thanks for stopping by.❤️


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