Simple Lesson

A friend of mine not so far from me sent me this picture of a scene on one of her walks. For a while I had this picture but somehow never looked close enough to see the details. Right there in midst of a watery backdrop are a few birds. They seem quite at peaceContinue reading “Simple Lesson”

The Gift of Today

It is said the fear of Friday the 13th [Paraskevidekatriaphobia or friggatriskaidekaphobia] affects approximately 20 million people in America. Many consider Friday to be the most unlucky day of the week and 13 has been deemed a very unlucky number for centuries. Together they form a frightening combination for many. If you’ve ever lived inContinue reading “The Gift of Today”

Piece of My Heart

I am sure like me, your heart has gone through some ‘surgeries’. You’ve gone through a thing or two – learned some valuable lessons along the way. Somewhere, we learned the art of guarding our hearts. As we got wiser we realized that putting a filter over our heart was important. Proverbs warns us toContinue reading “Piece of My Heart”

The Break Up

There’s a very popular song that has been out for a while by Francesca Battistelli called ‘The Break Up Song’. The writer personifies fear and breaks up with it. This made me think about all the ‘frenemies’ I’ve had to break up with and the ones who are still trying to hang on to myContinue reading “The Break Up”

What Lies Ahead

Recently I had a moment with my students to talk about life plans- the changes, regrets, and lessons learned. In reflection I realized that apart from my walk with God, nothing about my life at present was ever part of my ‘vision board’. Not where I lived, where I work, what I do for aContinue reading “What Lies Ahead”

365 Times

Some years ago, I moved to what is dubbed a ‘hurricane state’. One of my biggest fear was driving in a thunderstorm. Torrential rains are very common here -any time day or night. Windshield wipers are of no help during these storms. I had been practicing the art of facing my fears at this time.Continue reading “365 Times”


This morning I had a conversation with God. A ‘truth in the inward parts’ moment. ” Father I want to believe for this to workout but I’m afraid of being disappointed. Show me how to do this.” I’ve felt this way before – many times. This is the first time I’ve ever said it toContinue reading “Afraid”