Lasting Memories

‘ Somewhere in the 80’s’

Do you remember that old song – ‘ Memories They Don’t Leave Like People Do’? I’m not sure how much of that is true; over the years I have forgotten a lot. Some memories, however, are forever imprinted in my heart and mind. The good ones make me smile; others make me sigh. This picture captures a memory that brings laughter to my soul.

FACTS: The teenage years were meant to be lived and enjoyed. This was summer camp. That was a twin bed. We all had over own beds. We were not great pretenders – nobody laughs and sleeps at the same time. It might have been ‘lights out’ and the camp counselors were checking. None of us had our PJs on. I love the person who took this picture [ have no idea who it was]. We don’t do rollers anymore😊!

After 35 plus years we still giggle like this when we come together. We are all a little [well much] older and I’m sure a little wiser. We’ve fought some battles – lost some, won some. Scaled some mountains and traversed some valleys. Looking back, I don’t think any of us would have changed a thing. We did much more laughing than crying. God kept us free of excess drama during those youthful years. I love who we were – and who we have become as a result of those amazing formative years. God graced us with the sense to fully enjoy those years – with ‘no sex, drugs and rock and roll’. Did we even drink alcohol, girls? I don’t remember that we did. We did it all on ‘natural highs’. Mind you – we were far from perfect. We had some moments too – moments we would rather forget.

Sometimes I look at the challenges our young people are facing today. Some are ‘dying’ to grow up. I want to shout ‘ No, don’t!’ Savor the moments. Be a child. Be a teen. Be a young adult. Enjoy each season – learn the lessons well. Don’t dwell on the regrets – learn and move on. Embrace your growth. Squeeze all you can out of the days – they don’t return. Enjoy yourself in ways that do not destroy that beautiful temple you were blessed with. There is a very misleading narrative that now pervades our society. One that presupposes that fun can only be had when you engage in risky behaviors. I call out that lie today. Don’t believe it! Be careful how you have fun. There are some scars that come with some of our poor choices. Some do change the trajectory of our lives and leave us with unimaginable pain.

Keep your life simple and uncluttered. Take a minute to ‘smell the roses’. Grow through whatever season you are in. Don’t miss the opportunities afforded to you in the now. Maximize the moments. All too soon they are gone. There’s no need to rush to next ‘big thing’. Keep your feet planted . Be the best you and stay in your lane. God made one you – find out why. We call that purpose. Create beautiful, lasting memories in every season of life. Be present and let today count.

Do you remember this ?:

‘Somethings to Ponder’

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8 thoughts on “Lasting Memories

  1. Well first of all, if that’s you on the extreme left you played your part convincingly 😊. No, we did not drink, smoke or do drugs. Life was a lot simpler, and we enjoyed it. I think these days these kids are going out of their way to create a “memorable” moment instead of realizing simple authentic moments are even better. Love the pic ❤️.

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  2. Wow, this is another great memory!! And I must admit that I thoroughly enjoyed my childhood and young adult days!! They were fun and we made our own fun days, with or without money, and I agree with you totally drugs, smoking or drinking for us. Unlike us, you aced your role in that pic, lol.

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