I’d Rather

Woke up today to the sound of raindrops pitter-pattering outside. Glanced at the temperature, it was just about 64 degrees. The forecast says cloudy and I barely see the sun shining through. I am on Thanksgiving break and have no intention of doing much. Grateful to be alive and kicking at such a time likeContinue reading “I’d Rather”

My Struggle

Maybe you’re like me, at times you struggle with your faith. What you believe opposed to what you should believe. This week I had an eye-opening moment as I realized that something I once believed for was now slowly fading away. Meaning, it appeared that in the ‘waiting’, my faith had slowly waned. Now, evenContinue reading “My Struggle”

You Are Seen

Sometimes I notice friends, acquaintances and fellow-bloggers go radio silent. Ever so often I wonder how they are doing. If I can, I try my best to do a ‘check in’. Life comes with a plethora of challenges. It takes us for a ride at times. Seasons change, priorities may shift and we may evenContinue reading “You Are Seen”

Son of My Heart

This past week I watched my coworker say goodbye to her only son of 25 years. To say it tore me to pieces is an understatement. I have two young men myself. No mother is ever prepared for that, especially when it is unexpected. A young vibrant life – now gone. There’s a space inContinue reading “Son of My Heart”


I’ve heard that comparison kills. I wonder what ‘expectation’ does. About a decade ago I had this eye-opening revelation that, without conscious awareness, I was waiting on someone to apologize to me. This person, I felt, had wronged me and needed to atone for their sin. At the end of the 20-year wait, I cameContinue reading “Expectations”

I am The Someone

Not long ago I sent a link to one of my post to someone I’ve known for quite awhile. Without thinking much about it, I added the note, ‘ You may know someone who struggles with this’. Later she responded, ‘ I am the someone’. I am reminded of the reason we write, the reasonContinue reading “I am The Someone”

Cycle Breaker

I borrowed this from someone in ‘Twitterverse’. It speaks to the sheer grit and resilience that we see around us ever so often. Many times they are clothed with grace and humility. We admire their resoluteness, guts and tenacity in midst of chaos and pain. They may have stumbled a time or two but wouldContinue reading “Cycle Breaker”

How Did I Get Here?

Recently , for the first time I truly listened to the lyrics of the song ‘Slow Fade’ by Casting Crowns. It really hit me in that spot. ‘People never crumble in a day…It’s a slow fade’. This just started a churning in my heart and mind. Have you noticed the increased instances of people, families,Continue reading “How Did I Get Here?”

I Cry

Some months ago this was my ‘current situation’. I penned these words as a way to help release the ache in my heart. Ever so often I cry. Life is hard. There’s much pain all around. Scriptures remind us that God ‘bottles’ the tears of His children. My mind’s eyes sees a loving Father catchingContinue reading “I Cry”