Silent Pain

I have never lost a child. Never lost a baby in utero. Some data sources indicate that 10-15 percent of pregnancies in the US end in miscarriages. The term ‘silent pain’ was first introduced to me by a college professor. She informed and reminded us that this is a loss that many women do not always talk about. They mourn silently. This is equally true for the fathers . Many men don’t know how to process this. Sometimes they don’t know what to say to the mother of their child – they don’t know what to tell themselves.

‘ Baby shower for my student in my classroom – some years ago.’

Yesterday, I reached out to one of students who was missing for a few days. She messaged me back with painfully sad news. She was pregnant with twins. This week she lost one. She was broken. This is not the first time a student of mine had a miscarriage. The truth is – I had to pause before I responded. What do I say? Do you ever struggle with that? I do sometimes.

I love moments like the one pictured above. Celebrating with parents-to-be is a joyous occasion. Mom-to-be was delighted. This was a happy day for my students and I. Then, there are days like yesterday. Days when words fail you. Words fail me.

‘A Place at His Feet’

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7 thoughts on “Silent Pain

  1. Your post made me startle for a moment. I’ve had a miscarriage a while ago and I can honestly say that it is an excruciating, sickening and very painful experience. With the help of my loving husband and God I pulled through.
    Glad to share that I am pregnant now, thank The Lord 😊
    Thank you for this wonderful post!

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  2. Both my daughters have had miscarriages. The last miscarriage was my youngest daughter. She went to her doctor appointment, learned she was pregnant with identical twins, but they was no heartbeat. Her pain has no words, her husband was silent. They both leaned on each other and the Lord. Currently the same daughter is pregnant with triplet boys. They are doing well, she is home on rest, and in two weeks will be in the hospital until the triplets are born. Prayers are appreciated.
    We do not know God’s plans. My daughters have been blessed with peace knowing one day they will meet the little ones who are with God.
    I like the point you bring up the father. Both my son-in-laws felt the loss and pain. I am thankful they chose to draw closer together, instead of being divided. God is good.

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    1. I can’t even begin to imagine what this loss feels like. May God’s faithfulness continue to be a glue that holds your family together as you walk through these seasons. I believe with you for a safe delivery and continued blessings. Thanks for sharing part of your story – I pray that the best is yet to come. 🙏🏾🙏🏾

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