In Pain

‘I am tired of posting condolences’. This was the sentiment expressed by a reader on social media recently. You may have had those same thoughts yourself too. My high school family has had it’s fair share of losses over the past year or two. Just this past week we lost an assistant manager to ourContinue reading “In Pain”

Son of My Heart

This past week I watched my coworker say goodbye to her only son of 25 years. To say it tore me to pieces is an understatement. I have two young men myself. No mother is ever prepared for that, especially when it is unexpected. A young vibrant life – now gone. There’s a space inContinue reading “Son of My Heart”

Silent Pain

I have never lost a child. Never lost a baby in utero. Some data sources indicate that 10-15 percent of pregnancies in the US end in miscarriages. The term ‘silent pain’ was first introduced to me by a college professor. She informed and reminded us that this is a loss that many women do notContinue reading “Silent Pain”