Shattered Pieces

Have you ever heard a song, smelled a perfume/cologne or seen something that unexpectedly evokes some unwelcomed emotions in you? It can come upon you like a rushing wave, toppling you over at the most inconvenient time. These emotions are like broken glass. Even after you sweep carefully, there may be shattered pieces lying around.Continue reading “Shattered Pieces”

This Pain

Many of us might have noticed that some of our millennials and Gen Zs are deliberately opting not to have children. At least, not in their twenties. Their reasons and stories vary. I hear them and no judgement here. However, I’ve lived long enough to see and hear the stories of regrets expressed by seniorsContinue reading “This Pain”

What’s Good About It?

On the Christian calendar today is Good Friday. What’s good about it? What’s good about betrayal, suffering, death and loss? If we look at things through the eyes of Friday only, we easily forget there’s Sunday. There’s a day coming when Friday makes sense. If you have ever gone through a dark season and cameContinue reading “What’s Good About It?”

In Pain

‘I am tired of posting condolences’. This was the sentiment expressed by a reader on social media recently. You may have had those same thoughts yourself too. My high school family has had it’s fair share of losses over the past year or two. Just this past week we lost an assistant manager to ourContinue reading “In Pain”

I Know What She Did…

Recently I listened to a young man share a life changing experience he had as a teen. He had gotten a number of scholarships to attend different colleges, but because of a girl he forfeited them and followed her to another college. He was then left with footing the bill for college after losing hisContinue reading “I Know What She Did…”

Pleasure and Pain

An island girl by birth, I love water. Sitting by the beach, watching the waves, taking in sunsets and sunrises – some of my favorite things to do. If you’ve never intentionally done it, try walking in the rain. Visiting a river or a waterfall and who can forget falling asleep to the sound ofContinue reading “Pleasure and Pain”

I Cry

Some months ago this was my ‘current situation’. I penned these words as a way to help release the ache in my heart. Ever so often I cry. Life is hard. There’s much pain all around. Scriptures remind us that God ‘bottles’ the tears of His children. My mind’s eyes sees a loving Father catchingContinue reading “I Cry”

Silent Pain

I have never lost a child. Never lost a baby in utero. Some data sources indicate that 10-15 percent of pregnancies in the US end in miscarriages. The term ‘silent pain’ was first introduced to me by a college professor. She informed and reminded us that this is a loss that many women do notContinue reading “Silent Pain”

I’m Here…

When death visits, it leaves us speechless at times. This unwelcomed visitor can shred our hearts to pieces. We are left breathless, unable to process the thoughts that swirl around our overwhelmed minds. What do I say? Sometimes – nothing. Just be there. For you – as you ponder where to go from here. AsContinue reading “I’m Here…”

Purpose in the Pain

Day 22 – A favorite quote #bloganuary prompt I don’t think I have any one specific quote that resonates with me. It depends on the day or night. Over the past two years, however, it seems that pain is an ever-present constant in many lives. To keep my head above waters as I navigate thisContinue reading “Purpose in the Pain”