New Beginnings

The month September comes from the Latin word septem, meaning ‘seven’. So why is it the ninth month? Historians say September was originally the seventh month on the Roman calendar. Go figure! It only had ten months then with March as the first month of the year. Some say January and February were added later,Continue reading “New Beginnings”


Change is inevitable. It cannot be avoided or evaded forever. For many of us, it is uncomfortable. We may need a minute to adjust, accept or just to reorient ourselves. That’s okay. Many of us are creatures of habit – it gives us a sense of control and keeps us centered. However, if we liveContinue reading “Changes”

A Better Me

Day -26 ‘Favorite Thing About Me’ #bloganuary2022 I’m not sure when or why. Maybe it’s motherhood. Possibly it’s because of the times I’ve failed miserably. Could be that I have come to embrace the fact that I am inherently fractured – flawed. Probably it is the amazing privilege I’ve been afforded to cross paths withContinue reading “A Better Me”