We Hold Them

Recently a friend of mine sent a message letting me know she prayed for my son as he came to her mind and heart. I truly appreciated that message. Everyday I hear the same cry from parents – ‘pray for my children’. When they are young we lift them, hold them in our arms. WhenContinue reading “We Hold Them”

New Beginnings

The month September comes from the Latin word septem, meaning ‘seven’. So why is it the ninth month? Historians say September was originally the seventh month on the Roman calendar. Go figure! It only had ten months then with March as the first month of the year. Some say January and February were added later,Continue reading “New Beginnings”

Through His Eyes

This picture was given to me many years ago by the photographer of my college’s yearbook committee. I had to retake the picture as my eyes were closed, among other things. I was somehow intrigued by this ‘flawed’ picture and have kept it for a few decades. Today, I confess that sometimes I just wantContinue reading “Through His Eyes”

I’m Here…

When death visits, it leaves us speechless at times. This unwelcomed visitor can shred our hearts to pieces. We are left breathless, unable to process the thoughts that swirl around our overwhelmed minds. What do I say? Sometimes – nothing. Just be there. For you – as you ponder where to go from here. AsContinue reading “I’m Here…”


This morning I had a conversation with God. A ‘truth in the inward parts’ moment. ” Father I want to believe for this to workout but I’m afraid of being disappointed. Show me how to do this.” I’ve felt this way before – many times. This is the first time I’ve ever said it toContinue reading “Afraid”