That Entanglement

This week I chose to be in a reflective mode. After asking myself some hard questions, I began to ponder the times my soul had been so entangled it might have impaired my perception of people and their place in my life. In an earlier post ‘That Boy’, I shared a season in my life when I was deeply emotionally connected to a young man for most of my high school and early college years. We were never in a relationship, but he sat in my heart for years. What I hadn’t share was the difficulty I had when I met a guy in college who wanted to love me. I wouldn’t let him in.

Admittedly, I was quite upset when I realized he was ‘falling for’ me. I only wanted him as a friend. In retrospect, this was partly because I had a soul-tie to this young man from high school. He had taken up space emotionally, there was no place for the person who wanted to love me. I remember even telling this guy in college that I could not consider him because my heart had these frayed edges. Unresolved issues and chapters left unfinished. It took me a moment to close the book, even while I was dating my college love.

Affairs of the heart are complicated. Sometimes there are unanswered questions. Things we don’t comprehend. People can take up an unhealthy amount of space in our hearts. Not because they are barreling their way in – we just connected in deeps ways at time through shared experiences. These entanglements are not always people – they can be habits, mindsets or things. Many times it’s very spiritual and need divine intervention to sever those ties.

I’ve found out there will be no room for all that’s meant for us if the wrong things and people have taken up residence in our mental and emotional space. I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I’ve been on both sides of the lane. These soul-ties can steal time, energy, and purpose. It’s time to release those blockers and walk into the fullness of our destiny. How can we untangle ourselves in a healthy way? Next time I’ll share some practical ways. For now pause and listen – you’ll hear truth deep down. Give God a chance to unravel the details. He has an amazing way of bringing truth to light.

***Thanks for reading – Begin to untangle from that which does not profit.

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