Watch Your Ears

Some years ago, I sat in a managers’ meeting along with the company director and my immediate supervisor. As the meeting was coming to an end an employee’s name became the subject of the conversation. At that time our division was numbers and performance driven; quality control was also extremely important. As the conversation draggedContinue reading “Watch Your Ears”

Piece of My Heart

I am sure like me, your heart has gone through some ‘surgeries’. You’ve gone through a thing or two – learned some valuable lessons along the way. Somewhere, we learned the art of guarding our hearts. As we got wiser we realized that putting a filter over our heart was important. Proverbs warns us toContinue reading “Piece of My Heart”

That Entanglement

This week I chose to be in a reflective mode. After asking myself some hard questions, I began to ponder the times my soul had been so entangled it might have impaired my perception of people and their place in my life. In an earlier post ‘That Boy’, I shared a season in my lifeContinue reading “That Entanglement”

My Struggle

Maybe you’re like me, at times you struggle with your faith. What you believe opposed to what you should believe. This week I had an eye-opening moment as I realized that something I once believed for was now slowly fading away. Meaning, it appeared that in the ‘waiting’, my faith had slowly waned. Now, evenContinue reading “My Struggle”

It’s a Love Thing

Today was a tough one. Cried a time or two as I watched the body of a young man being lowered in a grave. His family went home without him. All that’s left are memories. I just feel like writing something about love. Love has a way of causing the heart to beat again. EspeciallyContinue reading “It’s a Love Thing”