A Mama’s Struggle

Today I felt like sharing what I deem a common struggle that mothers [ fathers too] experience. This past weekend I came face to face with the reality that some of my battles might never cease — I have to learn how to take up my armor daily and go to war. Sometimes the war is with my own thoughts and fears. Especially on days when fear seems bigger than my faith. Let me preface this by saying I believe what God says about my children. I trust His hand and I pray for them always. However, there are those days this mama still struggles.

My boys are both young adults and single. One seems to have discovered his niche —the other is still searching. I grapple with my fears about their future. I watch them walk through their personal struggles, fall on their faces at times, and win on occasions. At times I feel like I am on those journeys too. For some reason I thought parenting would get a bit easier on the heart as my sons got older—it doesn’t. Sometimes I don’t want to feel —my heart needs relief. I fight to reel in my thoughts when I question their choices. I struggle to not think the worst.

Mamas do struggle’

When I’m driving and I see an accident ahead, I’m still tempted to call my son to check on him. I hear of a shooting or police activity in a community they frequent, my antennas go up. I don’t see the car in the driveway and it’s late; I take a last look outside before I go to sleep. After a few years, however, I must say I have learned how to sleep. I still struggle with my calls going unanswered or text not returned. Secretly, I hope one day when they become parents revenge will be served.😃

Should I talk about the girls? One of my worst fears is my sons marrying the ‘wrong’ person. I see their friends and relatives go through some stuff and I pray they become teaching moments. Will I have daughters that connect with me on deeper levels than hi and hello? Ones who would truly become purpose partners with my sons. I pray my unborn grandchildren will have a happy, peaceful home. I pray for wisdom to discern when to speak and when to pray. To not give unsolicited advice frequently nor insert my opinions from a place of fear or judgement. This mama still struggles.

Most days I believe; I know God loves my boys more than I could ever do. I reflect on my life, and I’m reminded I wasn’t the perfect child either. I often wonder how my mom did it. She managed to stay calm and watch me do me. On the days when I struggle, I take on a warrior’s stance believing that ‘the Lord knows the plans He has for my children [and yours]. The plans are to prosper and not to harm, to give them hope and a future.’ I call to remembrance the promises of a faithful Father recorded in His word:

All your children shall be taught by the LORD, and great shall be the peace of your children. [Isaiah 54:13]

 The children of your servants shall dwell secure; their offspring shall be established before you. [Psalm 102:28]

***Thanks for reading. Mama- the struggle is real. You’re not alone.

Published by Restored Heart

An educator, author, a mom, friend, and a girl who loves that Her heavenly Father loves doing life with her. Passionate about introducing others to the Christ who heals hearts among other things....

21 thoughts on “A Mama’s Struggle

  1. Not easy my sister, not even when they are grown and on their own. We just have to ‘grit our teeth’ and trust our Father with them and stand on His precious promises.

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  2. One of the things my mom uses to say is when they are young you carry them in your arms. When they are older you carry them in your heart. I have truly found that to be so true. Being a parent is a real struggle but hold your head up high. But GOD!! Yes, indeed. But GOD! So, continue to give all those concerns over to Him and He will restore and those fears you mention has no power.

    FEAR- is False Evidence Appearing Real that is what the enemy would have you and I believe.

    Have a joyous day in the Lord. 🤗

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  3. I just read your article entitled A Mama’s Struggle. I inserted my Mother’s name and also my name (with a slight modification to the title- A Sister’s Struggle😉)👍🏽. You shared key points which resonate so well with my household.

    Thank you.

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