Can’t Do Both

This a quick mid-week shout-out to a special group of people. This morning, in my conversation with God, I told Him that I couldn’t have two particular situations happening in my life at the same time. I couldn’t walk through both simultaneously. The truth is – I DIDN’T want to do both. The reality isContinue reading “Can’t Do Both”

My Struggle

Maybe you’re like me, at times you struggle with your faith. What you believe opposed to what you should believe. This week I had an eye-opening moment as I realized that something I once believed for was now slowly fading away. Meaning, it appeared that in the ‘waiting’, my faith had slowly waned. Now, evenContinue reading “My Struggle”

And So I Danced

Today while sitting in traffic I heard one of my favorite ‘jams’. I sang and danced enjoying the moment. There was nothing I could do about ‘what lies ahead’. Glancing in my sideview mirror, I noticed the line of vehicles behind me. I could have been way back there, but I wasn’t. I was contentContinue reading “And So I Danced”

You Are Seen

Sometimes I notice friends, acquaintances and fellow-bloggers go radio silent. Ever so often I wonder how they are doing. If I can, I try my best to do a ‘check in’. Life comes with a plethora of challenges. It takes us for a ride at times. Seasons change, priorities may shift and we may evenContinue reading “You Are Seen”


I’ve heard that comparison kills. I wonder what ‘expectation’ does. About a decade ago I had this eye-opening revelation that, without conscious awareness, I was waiting on someone to apologize to me. This person, I felt, had wronged me and needed to atone for their sin. At the end of the 20-year wait, I cameContinue reading “Expectations”

Together Again

This summer I accepted a face-face teaching assignment for the first time since 2020. The college had been ‘open’ for awhile but I hadn’t been on campus for over two years. Quite a number of signs were strategically placed all over welcoming back students, visitors and staff . As I drove around I couldn’t helpContinue reading “Together Again”

I’m Sure I didn’t

The older I get the more time seems to fly. It truly waits for no one. Moments come and go so quickly. One has to be intentional about seizing the moments. This picture was taken on the day I graduated from high school a few decades ago. These are two of my gal pals thatContinue reading “I’m Sure I didn’t”

The Road Ahead

This is my last post dedicated to our graduates. A season has ended and now you are moving into an unknown tomorrow. I remember the words of a great educator who influenced my life as a teenager in college , ‘never confuse the beginning with the end’. This is the beginning of a ride thatContinue reading “The Road Ahead”

Girl Talk

That amazing bond between girls! My sister girls how blessed we are to have each other. We become burden bearers, the arms that hold – the hands that dry the tears. The ear that listens and the voice that reminds. We celebrate, we laugh until we want to sprinkle or tinkle. We talk. Men andContinue reading “Girl Talk”