How Sweet it is…!

The title of this popular 1960’s song ‘How sweet it is to be loved by youtruly captures how many teachers in our county felt this week. We were celebrated and, at my school, well fed. Most of us don’t do this to be seen or even praised. We show up simply because we love what we do. We value our students. My annual evaluations don’t tell me my worth –the growth I see in my students speaks for itself. To see them forge ahead to embrace their dreams and life’s calling is undoubtedly satisfying. Because I teach adults, I see results much quicker at times than my K-12 counterparts. Either way I know every step our students take towards purpose, excites us. Every gain they make is a win in our books.

‘ Some of my precious students- glad our worlds collided’

We are elated when they overcome obstacles and climb insurmountable walls. Quite often we believe in them before they do. Recently I watched a young man battle fear of failure. He needed to pass some tests to graduate. Every opportunity I got I told him to try one. He kept repeating: “What if I fail?’ I responded, ‘What if you don’t?’ One day I told him if he passed one, it would provide the confidence he needed to try another. Today I saw his name in an email as ‘graduating’. He may never remember when our paths crossed, but I sure hope he takes the lesson of confronting his fears with him as he journeys forward.

A few months ago, I walked a student through a few minor challenges he had that were slowing his progress. To me they were minor– to him, overwhelming. He was beyond grateful when everything fell in place. His ‘thank yous’ were profuse and brought me much laughter. The day he asked permission to hug me was so touching. He wanted to know what He could do for me to show his gratitude. I told him he didn’t need to do anything for me. ‘Just go ahead, make your dreams a reality and encourage someone else along the way’, I told him. He graduated and will do well! More than the 1-2-3s and the ABCs, this what we do on a daily basis. Then we get up and do it again tomorrow!

Like many of my colleagues we truly appreciate the time taken to say thank you. This bag was one of the tokens of appreciation we got this week. I love what it says. I left it on a table close by for the days I need to remind myself that I have some awesome sauce! How sweet it is to be loved by you.

The Lord repay you for what you have done, and a full reward be given you by the Lord, the God of Israel, under whose wings you have come to take refuge!”

Ruth 2:12 ESV

*** Thanks for reading – Light a fire in a heart today!

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