By Design

Day 30 – ‘Myself as a Tree’ #bloganuary2022

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By design. The thought that comes to mind when I think about much of nature. The palm tree is truly fascinating. Have you ever observed it in a storm? It’s a thing of beauty. It sways and bends, almost to a point of breaking. But – it was made for this! By design. After the storm, the palm tree can comeback to an upright position. I’d say it has comeback power. Wouldn’t you? I’ve been blessed with that too – by God’s grace.

Much like the palm tree, I’ve weathered some storms. Some I thought would have taken me out. But – I was made for this! The palm tree has a network of roots that serves as a strong anchor. I think of those as my village – those who stand with me through thick and thin, sick and sin. My faith in God. This keeps me grounded in times of adversity -in the storms of life if you may. My core values keeps me unbothered by the tides of popular opinion. Those are my anchor. Couldn’t make it without them.

The stem [trunk] of the palm is built to be flexible and is said to be able to bend over 40 -50 degrees without snapping. Have you ever felt ‘bent over’ by life and all it throws at you? Been there! Still I rise. Even to my surprise at times.

The leaves of the palm somewhat folds up when it encounters strong winds and rain. This shields it from the elements, so less leaves are lost. I call that purpose by design. I think of the safe places in my life. The places I go to for shelter. Not to run away from the challenges of life but to re-group.

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It is said that the palm tree becomes stronger after a storm. Yes… I get that! Did someone say ‘what doesn’t kill you make you stronger’? Ms. Clarkson, I dare say I agree. I can testify! Can I get an amen??

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5 thoughts on “By Design

  1. Wowww this was meant for me
    That’s Navi all my expirence right there
    One Dosnt know how strong there until you face a storm to God be the Glory

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