Look Up

Sometimes our world feels like a dark night. Our lights dimmed by the toxicity, hatred and confusion that may be spewed at us. Sometimes we are numb from the pain of our present circumstances. I find if we take a minute to pause and look up – we’ll see that there is beauty all around.Continue reading “Look Up”

By Design

Day 30 – ‘Myself as a Tree’ #bloganuary2022 By design. The thought that comes to mind when I think about much of nature. The palm tree is truly fascinating. Have you ever observed it in a storm? It’s a thing of beauty. It sways and bends, almost to a point of breaking. But – itContinue reading “By Design”

She Changes Her World

Day 29 – How you have changed the world #bloganuary2022 I have always had a struggle identifying heroes in my life. Even as a child, when asked to write an essay about that topic, I found it difficult. One day I realized that the people I admired the most, were the ordinary everyday men andContinue reading “She Changes Her World”

A Better Me

Day -26 ‘Favorite Thing About Me’ #bloganuary2022 I’m not sure when or why. Maybe it’s motherhood. Possibly it’s because of the times I’ve failed miserably. Could be that I have come to embrace the fact that I am inherently fractured – flawed. Probably it is the amazing privilege I’ve been afforded to cross paths withContinue reading “A Better Me”

Because of You

Day 25 – ‘ What Makes me Strong’ #bloganuary2022 It is in my weakness that I find strength in the only One who loves me beyond measure. I walk through the twists and turns of life infused with His strength. So I am no longer at war with the cracks in the flawed me. IContinue reading “Because of You”

Purpose in the Pain

Day 22 – A favorite quote #bloganuary prompt I don’t think I have any one specific quote that resonates with me. It depends on the day or night. Over the past two years, however, it seems that pain is an ever-present constant in many lives. To keep my head above waters as I navigate thisContinue reading “Purpose in the Pain”

That Year – That Moment

Day 21 – ‘What year would I time travel to?’ Any year, any moment, any time that I can experience life at it’s fullest is game for me. I am blessed to be able to feel – feel those emotions that remind me that I am. I am a woman, gentle yet fierce, flawed yetContinue reading “That Year – That Moment”