You’re Good For Me

Research shows that laughter is indeed ‘the best medicine’. Today I encourage you to join me in loving on those who have made us laugh over the years. They have been ‘good for us’. Good for our overall well-being – mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. So glad they have been part of our world. WeContinue reading “You’re Good For Me”

Finally Grown

Today while flipping through an old diary, I saw this quote and it made me smile. Do you remember when it finally dawned on you? You are really a grown up. Not just aging, but you have truly matured. You are not that girl/guy you were a while ago. Did it just creep up onContinue reading “Finally Grown”

By Design

Day 30 – ‘Myself as a Tree’ #bloganuary2022 By design. The thought that comes to mind when I think about much of nature. The palm tree is truly fascinating. Have you ever observed it in a storm? It’s a thing of beauty. It sways and bends, almost to a point of breaking. But – itContinue reading “By Design”