We Made It!

I had to squeeze in one last post for 2022! This year came with many great moments and some others that pulled the best and worst out of me. Cried some tears, faced one of my greatest fears – had to stop and BREATHE a time or two. I stayed committed to this blog andContinue reading “We Made It!”

Thought You’d Like to Know

Dear Younger Me, It’s some forty-something years late but I felt the need to write to you. There are somethings I thought you’d like to know. First I wanted you to know that you were meant to be here. You were created to thrive not just survive. To live not just exist. Your heavenly FatherContinue reading “Thought You’d Like to Know”

By Design

Day 30 – ‘Myself as a Tree’ #bloganuary2022 By design. The thought that comes to mind when I think about much of nature. The palm tree is truly fascinating. Have you ever observed it in a storm? It’s a thing of beauty. It sways and bends, almost to a point of breaking. But – itContinue reading “By Design”

Because of You

Day 25 – ‘ What Makes me Strong’ #bloganuary2022 It is in my weakness that I find strength in the only One who loves me beyond measure. I walk through the twists and turns of life infused with His strength. So I am no longer at war with the cracks in the flawed me. IContinue reading “Because of You”

Purpose in the Pain

Day 22 – A favorite quote #bloganuary prompt I don’t think I have any one specific quote that resonates with me. It depends on the day or night. Over the past two years, however, it seems that pain is an ever-present constant in many lives. To keep my head above waters as I navigate thisContinue reading “Purpose in the Pain”

Challenges and Lessons Learned

Day 14 &15 – #Bloganuary2022 ‘Still I Rise – Above it All” ‘It is in the crucible of affliction that the flawed me begins to be refined. To look more like the ONE who loved me enough to lead me into the fire. He knew I would stay committed to the process'[4.4.21]. I penned theseContinue reading “Challenges and Lessons Learned”

Doing Life Boldly

[Day 11 #bloganuary2022] As a flawed human being, I am fully aware [most times] of the things thatmake me perfectly imperfect. At times, these private frustrations can becrippling. Even at times evoking responses in me that are anti my core values.Preventing me from living life to the fullest. My take on living life boldly isContinue reading “Doing Life Boldly”