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This is the time of year when family traditions raise their beautiful [ weird or crazy] heads. We either love them or hate them. They either make us smile, warm our hearts or make us cringe. Family traditions are often passed down if a person or persons in the family value them and puts in the effort to maintain them. Quite often there are those who ‘police’ the family and ensure that the traditions don’t die with the generations to come.

We don’t necessarily have a holiday tradition that was maintained, however, we do have one family tradition that possibly started with me. All my mother’s grandchildren have first names that begin with the letter ‘T’. I don’t know why or how it began, but we sure have pushed to make sure all the ‘in-laws’ come on board. So far we have had no problems. We are holding our breath as three of my brothers have no children yet. We are keeping our fingers crossed that their significant others don’t diverge from this. We love it. Truthfully, I can’t remember all the names all the time, but my youngest sister is the genealogist. She’s my go to when memory fails me- like right now. I know I’m missing a name or a picture.

‘The ‘T’ Crew’ – This was Then

So this is us and our special tradition. I guess the the first great grand will determine the letter to continue the tradition. Most of the ‘T’ crew have now graduated high school; some have finished college or just about. A couple are still school-aged. They are all in good health and overall great kids. Mama – you have been blessed! This is one tradition that puts a smile on my face.

How about yours? Does it make you smile or cringe?😁 Whatever your story may be – we can agree on one thing… It is what it is. Each family has its own vibe and that’s okay. It is a blessing not to be alone in this cold world. God makes no mistake – we are all where we were meant to be. Biological, adopted, or by marriage – hold them close. If you don’t have a tradition, it could begin with you this year!

*** Thanks for reading – Enjoy that tradition this year!

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8 thoughts on “This Is Us

    1. I hear you! So far all the mommies and daddies have been cool with it. One of my brothers had a daughter that he just found out about after 17 years. Guess what? Her mother had given her a name starting with ‘T’. She didn’t even know us or the tradition.😂

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  1. We love all the lights. We drive through a light display local to us, and we drive to a walk through display a little further away. Thousands and thousands of lights.🎄 It always makes me a little emotional – the wonder of Christmas. Perhaps the best tradition is the one where “Christmas is about family, being together, and helping others,” as my oldest will tell you.🥰 Jesus is the reason.🙏🏼✝️❤️

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