This Is Us

This is the time of year when family traditions raise their beautiful [ weird or crazy] heads. We either love them or hate them. They either make us smile, warm our hearts or make us cringe. Family traditions are often passed down if a person or persons in the family value them and puts inContinue reading “This Is Us”

Legacy- Then and Now

I had to do this post sometime. The time is now. Of course, February is not the only time we celebrate love and history – but there’s no better time than the present. This story of love and legacy began way before I was born. It began in the 1950s, but was cemented in January,Continue reading “Legacy- Then and Now”

Dear John

Many of us are familiar with ‘Dear John’ letters. From what I read, the term was coined somewhere during World War II. These were letters sent to servicemen from their loves, ending a relationship. A dreaded letter, as you might imagine. Well, that’s me and my real John. That was his real name!! I won’tContinue reading “Dear John”

Still Standing

A former schoolmate of mine posted this picture and asked us to to title it. ‘Broken But Still Standing’. This was the thought that immediately came to mind as I looked at this house. This house that once was a home. Now broken, ignored, void of laughter and life, but still standing. As we celebrateContinue reading “Still Standing”

For Him

Recently I had a conversation with one of my sister girls – about the men in our lives. We talked about our sons. We ended our conversation with the resolve that we believe they will walk into their God-given destiny. They were born for and with a purpose. Men. They come by all different names.Continue reading “For Him”