Outside of Me

This past Friday as I left work, I felt the desire to call someone to encourage them. As I whispered to God asking Him who might benefit from a conversation with me, a college friend of mine came to mind. I called her. We chatted briefly then I told her why I called. I sharedContinue reading “Outside of Me”

This Is Us

This is the time of year when family traditions raise their beautiful [ weird or crazy] heads. We either love them or hate them. They either make us smile, warm our hearts or make us cringe. Family traditions are often passed down if a person or persons in the family value them and puts inContinue reading “This Is Us”

My Peace

A few years ago, I stopped by my neighbor for a quick minute; she was ‘cleaning house’. Meaning she was getting rid of everything that caused her undue stress. When her husband and son came home that evening, they noticed she was fully engrossed in the process and questioned her. She told them exactly whatContinue reading “My Peace”

Who We Are

Many of us are very familiar with the story of David and Goliath. If you’ve never read it – please do [1 Samuel 17]. While many of us focus on the astounding feat of this fearless young boy, there are life-changing lessons to grab a hold of from this unassuming giant killer. The one whoseContinue reading “Who We Are”

Under a Rock

For a number of years, I have intentionally guarded my heart and mind from excess exposure to the various social media platforms. There is a lot of chatter out there. A lot of it is not worth my time or energy. For the most part, I have no idea who the popular You Tubers andContinue reading “Under a Rock”

Piece of My Heart

I am sure like me, your heart has gone through some ‘surgeries’. You’ve gone through a thing or two – learned some valuable lessons along the way. Somewhere, we learned the art of guarding our hearts. As we got wiser we realized that putting a filter over our heart was important. Proverbs warns us toContinue reading “Piece of My Heart”

Music in the Storm

Last night as we were on watch for tropical storm Nicole, I laid on a bed in a room towards the back of my home talking on the phone to my sister in another state. That room had a window opened to a covered lanai, so I decided to open it to hear the soundContinue reading “Music in the Storm”