It Takes Me Back

Bloganuary 2023 : Day # 16- ‘ Do you have a memory that’s linked to a smell?

I don’t think I have a memory that’s linked to any particular smell. However, when it’s hot and rain drops touch dry soil there’s a smell that takes me back to childhood. Sometimes I stand and take a deep breath just as the rain starts to drizzle. I don’t know what it is about that smell that takes me to a sweet place. I grew up in the Caribbean. As a child I played in the rain a lot.

Much to my mother’s dismay I would come home from school quite often with my shoes in my hand and soaking wet. We had a run-off from the gutter towards the back of our house – that was our outdoor shower when it rained. All seven of us kids! I actually went back home and had one last shower as an adult some years ago. I think they changed the roof and gutter after that.

My Island in the Sun Where Memories were Made

I think these are some of the memories that I link to the smell of rain hitting the hot dry soil. It takes me back to simpler days when it didn’t take much to make me and my siblings happy. Not much to worry about, possibly a kinder gentler world. Maybe a time when children felt much safer- when nature was our stage to play, dance and laugh. We had little or no screen time – made our drama. We were our own audience, playwrights and characters. Those days we ran in the rain rather than away from it. Back then I would run and dance in the rain barefooted and free. I can’t remember the last time I walked outside barefooted or stood in the rain. I think I’ll do that one day soon for old time sake. What do you think?


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11 thoughts on “It Takes Me Back

  1. I think we had a better childhood because we did not have screens, and the world was a little bit safer for everyone. Until about twenty years ago, young people and some old travelers would hitch hike across the United States. Today, you do not see any hitch hikers or very many traveling by bicycle across the country. I remember running, playing and dancing barefoot in the rain.

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  2. For me when it is a summer day and after it rains, and the sun comes back out me and my sisters would jump in the rain puddles. Oh, I love it. As an adult I did that and people that where around me they looked at me like I was strange, but I was having fun. you’re never too old to let the little girl come out and play.

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  3. Go ahead and run free! I do remember the small of rain on dry dirt. I must confess on the days when the rain was drizzling before the heavy rain started and you could still smell the dirt, I used to go outside and lick the walls with my tongue😁.

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