The Familiar I Almost Forgot

Spring Break 2023, I got the opportunity to take a walk in what I affectionately call ‘ my old stomping ground’. I don’t do much walking where I currently live. We drive everywhere. I forgot how much I loved walking around big cities. There’s something about walking that gets the adrenaline flowing as you getContinue reading “The Familiar I Almost Forgot”

All Kinds of Love

‘How sweet it is to be loved by you’. This sentiment will be shared by many in a few days. This is the season when many plan to celebrate the loves in their lives. It is not uncommon for some to get into a funk for a number of reasons. Often, we reminisce about lostContinue reading “All Kinds of Love”

Right for Me

Today my high school celebrates its 81st birthday. So much of who I am grew out of my 5 years at this noble institution. Many of the bonds I formed then are still very much a part of my world today. I would do it all over again – maybe this time around, it wouldContinue reading “Right for Me”

It Takes Me Back

Bloganuary 2023 : Day # 16- ‘ Do you have a memory that’s linked to a smell? I don’t think I have a memory that’s linked to any particular smell. However, when it’s hot and rain drops touch dry soil there’s a smell that takes me back to childhood. Sometimes I stand and take aContinue reading “It Takes Me Back”

That Year – That Moment

Day 21 – ‘What year would I time travel to?’ Any year, any moment, any time that I can experience life at it’s fullest is game for me. I am blessed to be able to feel – feel those emotions that remind me that I am. I am a woman, gentle yet fierce, flawed yetContinue reading “That Year – That Moment”