Loss Restored

There’s a story in the Bible that I’ve read numerous times, but for some reason it piqued my interest this morning. The story is told of Jesus’ encounter with a mother whose son had died. He happened to come along while the funeral procession was in motion. As the village mourned with her –she cried. Jesus saw her in pain and comforted her. The scripture said ‘He had compassion on her’ and told her not to weep. Without her asking, begging, fasting, doing penance –He touched her son and raised him back to life. What resonated with me was what the scripture said: ‘ And Jesus gave him back to his mother.’ [ Luke 7:11-15]

I couldn’t help but ponder about all that we consider a loss. Someone or something was taken away from us. Losses that may have changed the landscape and trajectory of our lives in many ways. Some for good and others to our detriment. Often times we wonder if God sees. There are days when a part of us secretly wonders if He cares, though we dare not verbalize it. This story reminds me that not only does He care, but He delights in restoring that which was taken from us. How often have we rolled over, passively accepted loss and defeat without a fight. What if God desires to restore?

What if He’s waiting for us to arise and reclaim our lost dreams, hopes, passion, relationships, desires, vision – even marriages. I imagine Him having at his feet many unopened packages for His children. Ones that were there for us, but were left unclaimed. Would we take a chance and seek out that lost parent, child, spouse and loved one? Dare to believe that God wants to ‘give them back’ to us. Not every loss was God’s design. We ask for discernment to know when God calls something dead or when it is just dormant- possibly buried alive.

The story said she was a widow. Jesus didn’t give her back her husband, but He gave her back her son. I’d like to think God knew what was needed for them both to live the rest of their lives on purpose. Quite possibly her husband’s role and work was done. Some people and things were meant to be in our space for a season. We may mourn that loss, but we have been graced with all we need to move on. Let’s move on in a timely manner. Then, there are those losses that were not meant to be the final page in the story of our lives. Some were allowed so we’d develop fighting muscles. Others because of our own disobedience or mistakes. God knows—His forgiveness is no further than a breath away. Shake off the guilt and shame.

Our Father is not malicious and is always waiting with arms outstretched. Waiting for the warrior in us to rise up and dare to believe for the ‘restoration of those things that were stolen’. It’s time for the light in your eyes to shine again, your passion and zeal to burn once more. Time for the buried dreams to be unearthed, purpose be reignited, and hope to come alive. God is a God of restoration and takes pleasure in us seeing dead things come back to life. Let’s agree with Him today as we walk in an atmosphere of expectancy. Rise from the ashes and believe once more. With God, dry bones can truly come alive!

*** Thanks for reading— What would you like to be restored today?

Published by Restored Heart

An educator, author, a mom, friend, and a girl who loves that Her heavenly Father loves doing life with her. Passionate about introducing others to the Christ who heals hearts among other things....

2 thoughts on “Loss Restored

  1. This is so beautiful and timely with what I’m walking through. Without all the “loss”, I wouldn’t have desired a deeper relationship with God and gone after it. There is much more restoration in the works.💞

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