Is This Love?

‘From My Heart to Yours’

So, humor me. Did Bob Marley get an answer to his question ‘ ‘ Is this love, is this love, is this love that I’m feeling? I wanna know..”🎶💖 I don’t know if he did, but I do know most of us have asked that question a time or two. At times we have been lost, dazed, and confused. Thank God for the times He stepped in and saved us from ourselves. They say the heart wants what the heart wants. I sure hope we have learned how to temper the ‘wants’ of our hearts with a lot of prayer, guidance, and good old common sense.

Listen, we just need to look back at some of the ones we thought was ‘the one’. I call those not just ‘exes’ but ‘whys’. Have you ever breathed a sigh of relief and say ‘Thank you Jesus!’ ?If you’ve been there, you now know you can’t always trust what you feel or see. However, when love shows up it cannot be ignored or denied. Whether it’s a lover’s love or the love of a child or friend – Love is a beautiful thing. It melts the coldest heart and calms the most troubled soul. No wonder it comes from God. There are some things that love just don’t do. I won’t go there, but I’m sure you can list some. If you lack wisdom here – the Father welcomes us to ask. He is not maliciously hiding the truth. It’s just that certain precious truths are hidden – we have to seek, if we want to find them. He is the embodiment of love.

So, here’s another question. Is it love, is it love, is it love that you’re feeling? I wanna know…

Here are some thoughts about love. We truly learn to love out of the overflow of God’s love. God’s love – ‘That Love’.

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Published by Restored Heart

An educator, author, a mom, friend, and a girl who loves that Her heavenly Father loves doing life with her. Passionate about introducing others to the Christ who heals hearts among other things....

6 thoughts on “Is This Love?

  1. Happy Valentines day my dear❤
    Thank God for His never-ending, never-changing, everlasting LOVE that never fails, never gives up on us. It is satisfying and overwhelming.
    Still…. 🎼 🎶 I wanna dance with somebody who loves me🎵 😁

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      1. Is this love? If Bob is referring to God’s love, then absolutely! If he’s referring to his heart, only his soul has the answer. When my heart sings, is this love, in my soul, absolutely! God’s love, and the love of a virtuous woman. Oh yes, this is love! Happy Valentines, may love celebrate your worth, 365. Blessings!

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