Lasting Memories

They say ‘memories don’t leave like people do – they always stay with you. Whether they’ve been good or bad’. Not sure how true this is. Christmas fell on a Sunday 2005, 2011, and 2016. Funny I tried so hard to remember what those Christmases looked like; I remember nothing. It could have been thatContinue reading “Lasting Memories”


I live in a community with a beautiful melting pot of cultures. This past week I had the opportunity to hang out with a group of people from a different culture. We spoke a different language, played games differently, cooked and ate differently. Despite a difference in lifestyle, we connected for a moment in timeContinue reading “Someday”

No Strings Attached

The story was told of a great football coach of a university in California who had a son who also played on the university’s team. The son was an amazing athlete and quite successful at the sport. A news reporter commented on how proud he must be of his son’s accomplishments. The coach gave oneContinue reading “No Strings Attached”

Seasons Change

This week I heard a song for the first time and it piqued my interest somewhat – ‘A Different Kind of Christmas’ by Mark Shultz. I thought the lyrics were quite touching and probably resonated with a lot of people this year. This season might look different for a variety of reasons – a seatContinue reading “Seasons Change”

My Peace

A few years ago, I stopped by my neighbor for a quick minute; she was ‘cleaning house’. Meaning she was getting rid of everything that caused her undue stress. When her husband and son came home that evening, they noticed she was fully engrossed in the process and questioned her. She told them exactly whatContinue reading “My Peace”