The Fighter in You

Life is not for the faint of heart. It challenges us to rise and face some tough situations. It is not uncommon to feel battle fatigued – weary to the bones. Discernment and training are needed to come out ‘standing’ at the end of these seasons. In Psalm 144, David praises God for ‘training hisContinue reading “The Fighter in You”

Pleasure and Pain

An island girl by birth, I love water. Sitting by the beach, watching the waves, taking in sunsets and sunrises – some of my favorite things to do. If you’ve never intentionally done it, try walking in the rain. Visiting a river or a waterfall and who can forget falling asleep to the sound ofContinue reading “Pleasure and Pain”

Behind The Smiles

I asked my friend’s permission to share this picture of her, her mom, daughter and grand-daughter. Four generations of beautiful women with delightful smiles. Behind the smiles is a wealth of experience, stories of grace, hope, love, redemption and restoration. Recently, I spoke with the youngest lady in the group on the phone. I askedContinue reading “Behind The Smiles”