Peace Or Right

As we navigate the holiday season and move towards the new year we often do some inner reflection. As I age gracefully, being at peace has become so much more important to me than being right. I guard my space where ever I go -I choose to operate in the spirit of peace. The bibleContinue reading “Peace Or Right”


I live in a community with a beautiful melting pot of cultures. This past week I had the opportunity to hang out with a group of people from a different culture. We spoke a different language, played games differently, cooked and ate differently. Despite a difference in lifestyle, we connected for a moment in timeContinue reading “Someday”

My Peace

A few years ago, I stopped by my neighbor for a quick minute; she was ‘cleaning house’. Meaning she was getting rid of everything that caused her undue stress. When her husband and son came home that evening, they noticed she was fully engrossed in the process and questioned her. She told them exactly whatContinue reading “My Peace”


I got up this morning with the intent to share something- I went blank. Not that I have nothing to say. Many thoughts and ideas swirled around my mind, but nothing grabbed me from that ‘place’. That place of passion and meaningfulness. As my fingers hit the keyboard, I realized that it was okay. IContinue reading “Reminders”


A friend of mine sent me this sticky note this week. With that she wrote one line ,’ I’m closing my business by July 31.’ I responded letting her know that I support her whatever she chooses to do. As I thought about this little sticky note – I realized that we need the wisdomContinue reading “Tired”