And So I Danced

Today while sitting in traffic I heard one of my favorite ‘jams’. I sang and danced enjoying the moment. There was nothing I could do about ‘what lies ahead’. Glancing in my sideview mirror, I noticed the line of vehicles behind me. I could have been way back there, but I wasn’t. I was contentContinue reading “And So I Danced”

On My Mind

A few nights ago, while I was about to go to bed a friend of mine came across my mind. We hadn’t spoken in a few weeks or so; we would usually catch up every once in a while. I was tired but felt very impressed to call him. I have practiced trying to reachContinue reading “On My Mind”

Keep Going

As we approach the end of a week and nearing the end of this month, I sense a need to just ‘pour oil’ on some wounds today. Within the past few weeks, I have gotten so much troubling news. So many unexpected departures – many were young adults. Just at the cusp of adult lifeContinue reading “Keep Going”