Not All Will Believe

This marks the last few days of May. As we move into the coming months, many of us have to make some major decisions. In my previous post, I mentioned that the end of the school year can signify the end of a season and the beginning of another. For some it breeds excitement, othersContinue reading “Not All Will Believe”

Out of Tune

A piano is tuned to ensure that it performs at its highest level, giving the best sound and feel. Approximately 200 strings are adjusted and tightened during the process. Recently I read that it takes more than 10 tons [more than 20,000 pounds] of pressure to tune a piano. The same writer, commenting on anContinue reading “Out of Tune”

And So I Danced

Today while sitting in traffic I heard one of my favorite ‘jams’. I sang and danced enjoying the moment. There was nothing I could do about ‘what lies ahead’. Glancing in my sideview mirror, I noticed the line of vehicles behind me. I could have been way back there, but I wasn’t. I was contentContinue reading “And So I Danced”

On My Mind

A few nights ago, while I was about to go to bed a friend of mine came across my mind. We hadn’t spoken in a few weeks or so; we would usually catch up every once in a while. I was tired but felt very impressed to call him. I have practiced trying to reachContinue reading “On My Mind”

Keep Going

As we approach the end of a week and nearing the end of this month, I sense a need to just ‘pour oil’ on some wounds today. Within the past few weeks, I have gotten so much troubling news. So many unexpected departures – many were young adults. Just at the cusp of adult lifeContinue reading “Keep Going”