Tangled Pieces

Some days my heart and mind feel like a tangled mess. Through my lens, life can appear unfair and perplexing. Like Job in the scriptures, I wonder why things go the way they do when I do my best to do the right thing. Such was my state of mind when I had this candidContinue reading “Tangled Pieces”

Perfect Strength

Certainly, if we are looking here on earth for perfect strength– in these human vessels, we will be sadly disappointed. We find ourselves unable to do right when it truly matters, the seeming unfixable in life stumps us sapping what little energy we have. We come face to face with the limitations of being humanContinue reading “Perfect Strength”

Simple Lesson

A friend of mine not so far from me sent me this picture of a scene on one of her walks. For a while I had this picture but somehow never looked close enough to see the details. Right there in midst of a watery backdrop are a few birds. They seem quite at peaceContinue reading “Simple Lesson”

The Help I Need

This morning [Saturday] I had a 4-hour RTV [real time virtual] class. This means I was fully engaged with my students for 4 hours. Being all in mentally, emotionally and physically can be draining to say the least. At the end of the class, I was spent. Though I loved every minute of it, IContinue reading “The Help I Need”

In the Wait

As the year quickly draws to an end, many of us get into that solemn ‘reflecting’ mode. We ponder the what ifs, muse over the triumphs and defeat, the hits and misses. Occasionally we begin to mull over what we call ‘unanswered prayers’. Such were my thoughts this weekend as I drove to church. InContinue reading “In the Wait”

Pleasure and Pain

An island girl by birth, I love water. Sitting by the beach, watching the waves, taking in sunsets and sunrises – some of my favorite things to do. If you’ve never intentionally done it, try walking in the rain. Visiting a river or a waterfall and who can forget falling asleep to the sound ofContinue reading “Pleasure and Pain”

We Hold Them

Recently a friend of mine sent a message letting me know she prayed for my son as he came to her mind and heart. I truly appreciated that message. Everyday I hear the same cry from parents – ‘pray for my children’. When they are young we lift them, hold them in our arms. WhenContinue reading “We Hold Them”

Girl Like Me- Confession

I am perfectly flawed. This is my mid-week confession. I don’t do ‘waiting’ very well. At times it smells like ungratefulness mixed with discontent. One moment I think I’ve mastered the art of complete trust in God and in the process. The next – I’m a mess. Maybe you’re a ‘girl like me’ [or aContinue reading “Girl Like Me- Confession”

Purpose in the Pain

Day 22 – A favorite quote #bloganuary prompt I don’t think I have any one specific quote that resonates with me. It depends on the day or night. Over the past two years, however, it seems that pain is an ever-present constant in many lives. To keep my head above waters as I navigate thisContinue reading “Purpose in the Pain”