Keep Going

As we approach the end of a week and nearing the end of this month, I sense a need to just ‘pour oil’ on some wounds today. Within the past few weeks, I have gotten so much troubling news. So many unexpected departures – many were young adults. Just at the cusp of adult lifeContinue reading “Keep Going”

Through His Eyes

This picture was given to me many years ago by the photographer of my college’s yearbook committee. I had to retake the picture as my eyes were closed, among other things. I was somehow intrigued by this ‘flawed’ picture and have kept it for a few decades. Today, I confess that sometimes I just wantContinue reading “Through His Eyes”

You Stayed

Today we have the tendency to applaud those who take the plunge, the jump, start something new, or discover the next new thing. Those who shake things up. Bold and brave enough to take a leap of faith and leave. Then there are those who took a leap of faith and stayed . Many times,Continue reading “You Stayed”

I Cry

Some months ago this was my ‘current situation’. I penned these words as a way to help release the ache in my heart. Ever so often I cry. Life is hard. There’s much pain all around. Scriptures remind us that God ‘bottles’ the tears of His children. My mind’s eyes sees a loving Father catchingContinue reading “I Cry”

What’s in a Name?

‘What’s in a name?‘ A phrase that is commonly quoted from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Here Juliet expresses sadness or distress over Romeo’s last name. A last name [Montague] that was hated by her family. Some of us can relate. Family feuds are nothing new. Juliet completed her statement by adding: ” That which we callContinue reading “What’s in a Name?”


” I feel so lost. Felt like I lost myself trying to please everyone.” This was a line I heard in a movie recently. A comment from a woman whose husband walked away after she spent years living for him – losing her identity and sense of self. Her friend responded, ” You’re not lost.Continue reading “Awaken”


I got up this morning with the intent to share something- I went blank. Not that I have nothing to say. Many thoughts and ideas swirled around my mind, but nothing grabbed me from that ‘place’. That place of passion and meaningfulness. As my fingers hit the keyboard, I realized that it was okay. IContinue reading “Reminders”

Island Girl

I believe that I was born where I was meant to be born. God makes no mistake. I am an island- girl through and through. We do come with a special flavor – a certain je ne sais quoi. Sometimes we come with big personalities or quite calm and cool. Sometimes a mixture of both.Continue reading “Island Girl”

Those Desires

This past week I reflected a bit on those deep desires that we sometimes can’t seem to shake. Year in and year out they remain unmoved. They are with us when we go to sleep and when we wake up. Though we try to bury them, they resurrect at the most expected time. We reasonContinue reading “Those Desires”

Together Again

This summer I accepted a face-face teaching assignment for the first time since 2020. The college had been ‘open’ for awhile but I hadn’t been on campus for over two years. Quite a number of signs were strategically placed all over welcoming back students, visitors and staff . As I drove around I couldn’t helpContinue reading “Together Again”