If I had Known

Maybe you are like me – wasted time crying over things, people and situations seen through broken lens. I never wanted to migrate to the US. I resisted it for years, giving my dad every reason possible to delay the process. Loving my life the way it was – I couldn’t or wouldn’t see beyondContinue reading “If I had Known”

Broken Hearts

A very poignant question was asked by Ms. Whitney: ‘Where Do Broken Hearts Go? Can they find their way home?’ Heart break isn’t just a thing of the 21st century, it has been around since the dawn of time. The first mother, Eve, experienced unimaginable heart break when one of her sons killed the other.Continue reading “Broken Hearts”

What Lies Ahead

Recently I had a moment with my students to talk about life plans- the changes, regrets, and lessons learned. In reflection I realized that apart from my walk with God, nothing about my life at present was ever part of my ‘vision board’. Not where I lived, where I work, what I do for aContinue reading “What Lies Ahead”

Her Name Was Summer

This is a ‘Feel-good Friday’ post. I’m almost sure my son will not read this- so here goes😊! I have always been intrigued with the innocence of childhood. The simple things that can bring a smile to child’s face. As I reflect on my childhood, I marvel at the how much fun we had doingContinue reading “Her Name Was Summer”


It is said that turbulence in flight is mainly caused by a disturbance or disruption in the airflow around the airplane. Sometimes it may be light; at times it may be violent. One source also defines turbulence as a sudden violent shift in the air flow. This reminds me of life sometimes. If you areContinue reading “Turbulence”

I Still Choose

There are many voices swirling around our heads these days, wanting to command our attention. If you are are like me, you have just this amount of mental and emotional energy to spare. Where I invest this, is of utmost importance to me. There are some things that I choose to not give any spaceContinue reading “I Still Choose”

I Chose

Life presents us with a series of choices. What we chose to do in those moments has the potential to change the trajectory of our lives in significant ways. The freedom to chose how we live our lives is a God-given privilege. One that should not be taken lightly. With this privilege comes responsibility. WeContinue reading “I Chose”


Change is inevitable. It cannot be avoided or evaded forever. For many of us, it is uncomfortable. We may need a minute to adjust, accept or just to reorient ourselves. That’s okay. Many of us are creatures of habit – it gives us a sense of control and keeps us centered. However, if we liveContinue reading “Changes”

Behind The Smiles

I asked my friend’s permission to share this picture of her, her mom, daughter and grand-daughter. Four generations of beautiful women with delightful smiles. Behind the smiles is a wealth of experience, stories of grace, hope, love, redemption and restoration. Recently, I spoke with the youngest lady in the group on the phone. I askedContinue reading “Behind The Smiles”

He Writes

This is my totally self-absorbed, ‘feel-good’ Friday post.😘😊Nothing deep. Just skimming through some items from ‘my younger me ‘ days. I found some pieces of writing sent to me from an old love. We must have been 19 or 20 years old. Actually for a young chap – he could write. What do you think?Continue reading “He Writes”