Dreams Come True

Quite often I drive on the road to Magic Kingdom. There is a sign that boldly declares ‘ Where Dreams Come True’. I must admit I cringe every time someone asks me to take them there. Maybe I’m getting old[er]😁! However, I love to watch the delight on the faces of people when they enterContinue reading “Dreams Come True”

I Don’t Anymore

This is what I consider a ‘feel good Friday’ post. Reflecting on how I have ‘evolved’ over the years. There are somethings I just don’t do anymore. Understanding seasons and being comfortable in your skin at each juncture in life is an integral part of being at peace. Somethings needed to go and somethings weContinue reading “I Don’t Anymore”

This Book

Life is a classroom filled with many lessons. Some seasons are fascinating and quite fulfilling. Others are tough when life feels like an uphill battle. You feel like you are fighting to prove that you deserve a place here in this universe, while everything seems to be aligned against you. This was my world 22Continue reading “This Book”

Prepare Me

Recently I had chat with a friend of mine who has been married for over thirty years. She mentioned how beautiful marriage was with all it’s challenges. It also requires hard work and people who are committed to the idea of working on themselves. This is part of the recipe for a lasting and fulfillingContinue reading “Prepare Me”

I’m Sure I didn’t

The older I get the more time seems to fly. It truly waits for no one. Moments come and go so quickly. One has to be intentional about seizing the moments. This picture was taken on the day I graduated from high school a few decades ago. These are two of my gal pals thatContinue reading “I’m Sure I didn’t”

The Road Ahead

This is my last post dedicated to our graduates. A season has ended and now you are moving into an unknown tomorrow. I remember the words of a great educator who influenced my life as a teenager in college , ‘never confuse the beginning with the end’. This is the beginning of a ride thatContinue reading “The Road Ahead”