I’m Sure I didn’t

The older I get the more time seems to fly. It truly waits for no one. Moments come and go so quickly. One has to be intentional about seizing the moments. This picture was taken on the day I graduated from high school a few decades ago. These are two of my gal pals thatContinue reading “I’m Sure I didn’t”

A little Kindness

This is the month so many focus on the one(s) we love. Let’s begin with a little kindness. I want to be the ‘change I want to see’. How about you? Sometimes the people who need this the most appear to be so happy, strong and confident. Inside they maybe dying – worn out andContinue reading “A little Kindness”

Look Up

Sometimes our world feels like a dark night. Our lights dimmed by the toxicity, hatred and confusion that may be spewed at us. Sometimes we are numb from the pain of our present circumstances. I find if we take a minute to pause and look up – we’ll see that there is beauty all around.Continue reading “Look Up”