Can’t Do Both

This a quick mid-week shout-out to a special group of people. This morning, in my conversation with God, I told Him that I couldn’t have two particular situations happening in my life at the same time. I couldn’t walk through both simultaneously. The truth is – I DIDN’T want to do both. The reality isContinue reading “Can’t Do Both”

My Struggle

Maybe you’re like me, at times you struggle with your faith. What you believe opposed to what you should believe. This week I had an eye-opening moment as I realized that something I once believed for was now slowly fading away. Meaning, it appeared that in the ‘waiting’, my faith had slowly waned. Now, evenContinue reading “My Struggle”

And So I Danced

Today while sitting in traffic I heard one of my favorite ‘jams’. I sang and danced enjoying the moment. There was nothing I could do about ‘what lies ahead’. Glancing in my sideview mirror, I noticed the line of vehicles behind me. I could have been way back there, but I wasn’t. I was contentContinue reading “And So I Danced”

You Are Seen

Sometimes I notice friends, acquaintances and fellow-bloggers go radio silent. Ever so often I wonder how they are doing. If I can, I try my best to do a ‘check in’. Life comes with a plethora of challenges. It takes us for a ride at times. Seasons change, priorities may shift and we may evenContinue reading “You Are Seen”

Pleasure and Pain

An island girl by birth, I love water. Sitting by the beach, watching the waves, taking in sunsets and sunrises – some of my favorite things to do. If you’ve never intentionally done it, try walking in the rain. Visiting a river or a waterfall and who can forget falling asleep to the sound ofContinue reading “Pleasure and Pain”

10, 000 Reasons

Today [10/21/22] marks the one year anniversary of my first blog post. Yippee! Earlier this week, WordPress sent a congratulatory note that my site had passed 10, 000 views from over 74 countries. I take a moment to salute and thank all who stopped by to read, comment and share in my journey. You haveContinue reading “10, 000 Reasons”

The Break Up

There’s a very popular song that has been out for a while by Francesca Battistelli called ‘The Break Up Song’. The writer personifies fear and breaks up with it. This made me think about all the ‘frenemies’ I’ve had to break up with and the ones who are still trying to hang on to myContinue reading “The Break Up”

Son of My Heart

This past week I watched my coworker say goodbye to her only son of 25 years. To say it tore me to pieces is an understatement. I have two young men myself. No mother is ever prepared for that, especially when it is unexpected. A young vibrant life – now gone. There’s a space inContinue reading “Son of My Heart”

It’s a Love Thing

Today was a tough one. Cried a time or two as I watched the body of a young man being lowered in a grave. His family went home without him. All that’s left are memories. I just feel like writing something about love. Love has a way of causing the heart to beat again. EspeciallyContinue reading “It’s a Love Thing”

On My Mind

A few nights ago, while I was about to go to bed a friend of mine came across my mind. We hadn’t spoken in a few weeks or so; we would usually catch up every once in a while. I was tired but felt very impressed to call him. I have practiced trying to reachContinue reading “On My Mind”