It Takes Me Back

Bloganuary 2023 : Day # 16- ‘ Do you have a memory that’s linked to a smell? I don’t think I have a memory that’s linked to any particular smell. However, when it’s hot and rain drops touch dry soil there’s a smell that takes me back to childhood. Sometimes I stand and take aContinue reading “It Takes Me Back”

Forever Changed

Bloganuary 2023 – # 10 ‘Has a book changed your life?’ My answer to this writing prompt is – ‘absolutely!’ I love to read. Admittedly, I was more of an avid reader when I was younger. I’ve always joked that college stole my joy of reading, especially grad school. Reading became a chore that wasContinue reading “Forever Changed”

The Gift of Today

It is said the fear of Friday the 13th [Paraskevidekatriaphobia or friggatriskaidekaphobia] affects approximately 20 million people in America. Many consider Friday to be the most unlucky day of the week and 13 has been deemed a very unlucky number for centuries. Together they form a frightening combination for many. If you’ve ever lived inContinue reading “The Gift of Today”

Kept Safe

On a previous post [BSM] I wrote about a safety feature in my car that alerts me to vehicles in my blind spot and how we relate the concept of blind spots in our lives. There are two other safety features in my car that provide extra guidance and protection on the roads. RSA [Continue reading “Kept Safe”


Earlier this month I planned on connecting with the Bloganuary community as I really enjoyed the exercise in writing last year. This year I don’t plan to write on prompts daily – I’ll just choose the ones that resonate with me. January 7th, the prompt was to write a poem or story about rain. OnContinue reading “Rain”


Blind Spot Monitoring system [ BSM] is a safety mechanism in my car that warns me of other vehicles in my blind spot. It alerts me with an LED light in the corresponding side view mirror. The main intent is to aid drivers with lane changes and prevent accidents. Honestly, this has helped me aContinue reading “BSM”

The Road Ahead

Destination addiction is a chronic condition that plagues a lot of us. Truthfully I’ve had to fight the urge to be obsessed with ‘ that someday’ when I’ll be happy or fulfilled. When I turn 18, get married, graduate college, get my dream job, have a baby, purchase my dream house, retire, or lose thatContinue reading “The Road Ahead”

We Made It!

I had to squeeze in one last post for 2022! This year came with many great moments and some others that pulled the best and worst out of me. Cried some tears, faced one of my greatest fears – had to stop and BREATHE a time or two. I stayed committed to this blog andContinue reading “We Made It!”

No Cuffing Here

Many like myself find it a task keeping up with the common slangs that evolve around us time after time. Cuffing is one that caught my attention recently. It is a term based on the idea of getting “handcuffed” or tied down to one person. The Urban dictionary defines the cuffing season as the ‘season inContinue reading “No Cuffing Here”

Peace Or Right

As we navigate the holiday season and move towards the new year we often do some inner reflection. As I age gracefully, being at peace has become so much more important to me than being right. I guard my space where ever I go -I choose to operate in the spirit of peace. The bibleContinue reading “Peace Or Right”